Calling Out to NY!

2009-09-25 09:31:41

We departed a bit past 15 from Japan.


The arrival time is 4 midnight, Japan time.

We stayed in the aeroplane for about 13 hours!!!!

Just what was I doing at that time…

I was checking DVD for NY live.

Furthermore, I did some little dance~ *laughs*

While I was trying to do the unit song’s last pose, a foreigner uncle who sat diagonally behind me had his sparkling eyes met with me!!!!

I blinked with surprise~(^∀^;)

Later, when I stood on the line for the toilet,
before me was a Japanese mother who’re holding her baby. She said, “I should accompany her brother inside. Please hold this kid.”

Then, without waiting for my response, she entrusted the baby to me (O.O;)(oo;)

Eehh~~!? Just whaaat!?

Like that, I was babysitting the kid.

When the figure of her mama and her borther vanished into the toilet, the baby was…

Crying ~ ~ ~ ~ !!!!!!!!

I desperately said,
“Mama will come back quickly~ It’s all right~”

And then, her mother with the brother came.

“Thank you~ ❤”
with that, she smoothly went back to their seat with the baby and her brother…

This New York aeroplane, it’s frightening.

When we arrived at NY, Erepyon


“Donuts; they wrote not only the price, but also the calory!!”

Excitement at NEW YORK


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