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Activities on Setsunaito

September 22, 2009 1 comment

2009-09-22 11:05:22

/*About the title, please refer to Chikarina’s entry before this.*/

Good morning.

Yesterday, fairly

we enjoyed our setsunaito~

Everyone, setsunaito is

not about talking out sad things or painful things.

Setsunaito is

to think about positive things,
and if we had an enjoyable things, we share about it with everyone. That’s the kind of meeting it is, and so

there’s no sad things

about everyone~

At yesterday’s setsunaito,

we did karaoke and

we were super excited back there ❤

At the end, Yuka-chan was

singing Yasumura Namie’s


and with that, our setsunaito ended~

I think soon,

setsunaito will be hold again.

At that time,

I will write in this blog again 😀

By the way,

the coordinator for setsunaito is

Kana-chan ^_^

K members~

Let’s attend more setsunaito~\(^o^)/

Everyone too, let’s enjoy this silver week❤




Setsunaito ☆ミ

September 22, 2009 Leave a comment

2009-09-21 19:50:26

/*Is a combination from “Setsu” and “night” (in katakana). “Setsunai” itself means ‘painful’, while “setsu” is ‘eager’ or ‘earnest’. In one Chikarina entry before this I translated “Setsunaito” as “Passionate Night”.*/

Presently, after the show has ended,

we’re going to do a setsunaito❤

Today is karaoke,

it’s exciting~❤


Today’s setsunaito members are

Kana-chan, Nacchi, Yuka-chan, Natsumii ( ´∀`)

Everyone have B blood type, what an aweeesome combination.

There are so much people with B blood type in team K ^_^

From now on, we’re going to enjoy ourselves~

Passionate Night

September 19, 2009 Leave a comment

2009-09-19 09:23:29

Good morning ((o(^-^)o))


with Sayaka-chan, Kana-chan, and Natsumii,

we held a meeting, which perhaps should be called

“Passionate Night” ❤

Even though it’s supposed to be one meeting a month while we have the time,

the pace has become one meeting per week.

Yesterday, the meeting place was

at McDonald’s.

Kana-chan was

treating us

a special Autumn McFlurry,

gateau marron.

So kind~ ❤


The picture is me with Natsumii, of course (laughs)

Yes! And then

yesterday I also had a long talk

with big sister Ohori.

Even though we had a long talk,

just like Meetan,

she talked nothing but strange things.

You might get troubled~

But I love

Meetan like that ❤


Just when will the next meeting be hold?

I’m looking forward to it ^_^❤

Well then, today

is G-Rosso meeting.

Ganbarosso ❤


Me and Reinyan’s 2010 calendar

will be out in 10th October.
And at November, there’ll be an event to commemorate the release.

At Yurindo-Yodobasho Akiba store,
from 13 o’clock.

Certainly, please come there~ ❤

I’ll be waiting p(^-^)q

Stretching Mysef a Bit! Mature Group ☆

September 4, 2009 Leave a comment

2009-09-03 22:15:56

Good evening U^エ^U

Actually yesterday, I participated in
a much desired ramen meeting (σ3`) ❤

The members are Kana-chan, Natsumi, Sayaka-chan, and Noro-san.




Really, it was super fun, it’ll be good if the time could stop like thaat~

I hope (*´д`*)

The ramen was also quite tasty.

I want to go there again 😀

But because we are a public person,
even though while we’re having fun,
it’s also a job!! (laughs)


tomorrow too, I’ll do my best~

Everyone, good night. *zzz*

Conny-chan that’s born today is a male ❤

/*Chikarina’s dog just bred a kid this morning.*/

General Election

2009年07月08日 15時06分32秒

A general election which is already not suited for my age…

I’m nervous…!!



2009年07月07日 18時20分40秒

Going to Paris this time, my self confidence is ascending.


Japan Expo, fans who came with us on the tour, recording of foreign TV shows, connection with the members!



The things that I get in this one week is immeasurable.

Getting this wonderful chance, I’m deeply thankful.

….this experience was just like a dream.

In 2 days of Japan Expo, Puffy-san also stood before us!!!!!

Being so close like that, we got goosebumps and tears, that was seriously bad…


They’re so attractive.

Gotta learn a lot m(_ _)m

I also got Paris’ macaron ❤


Just what? Is this thing? So delicious~

And then this time, the one who have my heart adjoining with her, Ai-chan.

How many times have her beautiful smile save me in this trip…


Thank you, Ai-chan ❤

At last, everyone who participated in the fan tour!

Everyone who have came from Japan to support us!

Truly, thank you very much.

Your warm looks have really saved us.

From now on too, AKB48 yoroshiku onegaishimasu.



Japan Expo live has ended 😀

We’ve been able to rise up with so much person~

I’m touched by those who brought up
Miichan’s photobook, “south”.

Just how did they get it!?!?☆

Today is Tomochin’s birthday, isn’t it❤

Happy, happy, birthday~ ♪♪♪