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August 25, 2009 Leave a comment

2009-08-22 21:30:29

Good evening,
this is Reina!!

Budoukan concert 1st day has finished~!!

For everyone who have came, thank you very much~

How was it?

I’m happy if you could enjoy it.

First, my impression about it is…∩ωー

It’s huge!!

Amazing, isn’t it~

I wonder if you at the back could see us?

We’ll do another 2 shows on that grandiose stage!!

I’m happy~

The catering was also delicious, today we found all-you-can-eat shaved ice cream.
My stomach was satisfied~


And then, today I appeared in 2 units.

First was with Erepyon and Myao,
“Wimbledon ni Tsuretette”.


Even though it’s team S’ Morishiya Yuki-chan’s costume, it doesn’t need to be changed to fit me!
That’s good!

And then, the other one was…

“Oshibe to Meshibe to Yoru no Chouchou”.

Moreso, the partner was…


Tonight’s special guest,

Mai Ma~i ❤ ❤ ❤


This is the first time I’m doing an unit with MaiMai.

Because MaiMai has graduated, I never think that we could do something like this, I’m super happy ❤ ❤ ❤

But Oshimeshi is in a sexy category, I’m nervous if I could make that atmosphere; even so
I’ll do my best.

AKB really like to do surprise!!

So fun~

Please look forward to tomorrow.

Also, I have to apologize and correct something today.

Yesterday I said at the blog that Wakata-san (Japanese astronaut) was going to appear in Suiensaa, but looks like I misunderstood and he didn’t appear (・_・、)

Really sorry for the excited mistaken report (・_・、)

But I’m happy if I could meet Wakata-san someday.

Wakata-san, I’m really sorry (・_・、)

Today, I’m going for a sleepover (>ω<*)

Because tomorrow we’re going to do preparation from early morning.

I shared a room with Chiichan~

Gotta struggle to not sleep too late.

Chiichan, I’ll leave it to you (・ω・)/ (laughs)

Well then, until tomorrow!
Thanks for today~



Spoilt Child

August 15, 2009 Leave a comment

2009年08月15日 17時42分19秒

After the Ameba Studio (Ameba radio), there’s SDN show.

There’s someone who want to be spoiled ❤


Ah, Lovetan ❤ ❤ ❤


Outdoor School?(゜∇゜)

2009-07-14 23:42:22


Somehow……☆ ☆

Everyone were wearing jerseys ❤

Just like an outdoor school… ^_^

Really really fun ❤ ❤

Somehow I remembered how it was ❤ ❤ ❤

Tomorrow too, must wake up at 5 x_x

Everyone’ll go to bath after this ❤ ❤

Paris 4


Of course, It’s Paris ~Day 3~

Finally, it’s the day for Japan Expo live.

I did warm-up with Kayo-chan

For the sake of today, we must learn
“Oogoe Diamond” and “BINGO!” English version and
“Sakura no Hanabira tachi”, French version.

It was so difficult.

I had this various anxiety and nervous feeling, but in the end it was succesful 😀

At the sign meeting,

Miichan I love you~ ❤

That kind of

Electrical wave!!!!

Chijyo~ no Tenshi~ ❤
(Earth’s Angel~❤)

From “Men★Dol”, there were also people who said that 😀

After that, I barge into the face-to-face meeting with fans.

I borrowed ribbon from Tomo~mi and become a girl~

With Lovetan, we wore blue checkers together.

Miichan walked around the street on merry mood.

Jumped with Cindy to make the mood merrier.

Eating meal together with everyone,
And 3rd day was finished.


2009年07月07日 18時20分40秒

Going to Paris this time, my self confidence is ascending.


Japan Expo, fans who came with us on the tour, recording of foreign TV shows, connection with the members!



The things that I get in this one week is immeasurable.

Getting this wonderful chance, I’m deeply thankful.

….this experience was just like a dream.

In 2 days of Japan Expo, Puffy-san also stood before us!!!!!

Being so close like that, we got goosebumps and tears, that was seriously bad…


They’re so attractive.

Gotta learn a lot m(_ _)m

I also got Paris’ macaron ❤


Just what? Is this thing? So delicious~

And then this time, the one who have my heart adjoining with her, Ai-chan.

How many times have her beautiful smile save me in this trip…


Thank you, Ai-chan ❤

At last, everyone who participated in the fan tour!

Everyone who have came from Japan to support us!

Truly, thank you very much.

Your warm looks have really saved us.

From now on too, AKB48 yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

★Neighbor’s… (^▽^=)

2009-06-13 22:15:11

Good evening!!
This is Reina ❤

Now, the G-Rosso has finished~
Today too, I’m got the chance to do “Tonari no Banana”☆!!
But this time, it’s with Oota Lovetan~
T’was fun, yey~

Tomorrow too, G-Rosso performance. I’ll do my best with full energy!

Well then, here comes a question☆
Tomorrow, with whom and in what unit will I perform in?
Please try to guess it!
The correct answer will be announced after tomorrow’s performance!

Then ❤ Good ni~ght!!