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[SDN48 is Here!]

August 2, 2009 Leave a comment

Finally, the long awaited adult only unit has come to us! SaturDay Night 48!

Because Aki-P is a liar and with a tag “48” doesn’t mean that it have 48 members, this unit has a total of 18 members with 3 “Unders”, which I assume is something along the line of reserve members/kenkyuusei. Along with four lovely people from AKB that we’ve known, other SDN members came from various backgrounds. There’re actress, musician, part-timer worker, Chinese talent, someone who take a break from her university for SDN, professional comedian, etc.

The age ranged from 33 years old obaa-san until a fresh 21 years old lady. By the way, beside Ohori my favorite based on the first glance is Serina and Umeda Haruka. Make sure to visit their sexy, elegant website, to view their complete profile (the website server went down last night because of concentrated visitor, lol)

Having their shonichi at the AKB theater yesterday, 2channers who went to see it praised this stage highly as something that’s very worthwhile to see. Many also said that “The AKB members here stood out more than they usually used to be.”

The setlist :

SDN 1st stage – Yuuwaku no Garter

1. Saturday Night Party (5 white dress women)
2. Never! (5 crimson dress women + 5 white)
3. Black Boy (5 deep blue dress women + 5 black + 5 white)
————————————————— MC 1 / Self Introduction
4. Yuuwaku no GAATA (Garter of Temptation) (Akita Kazue, Kato Mami, Satou Yukari)
5. I’m Sure. (Itou Kana, Okochi Misa)
6. All In (Chen Qu, Noro Kayo, Nishukunihara Reiko, Kondou Sayaka, Imayoshi Megumi)
7. Jajauma LADY (Unmanageable Lady; or to be more literal, Wild Horse Lady) (Hatakeyama Chisaki, Ohori Megumi, Urano Kazumi, Serina, Kochi Masami)
————————————————— MC 2
8. Ganbarina (16 women)
9. Futsuu no Anata (The Normal You) (16 women)
10. Best by… (16 women)
11. Aisareru Tameni (To be Loved) (16 women)

12. Kodokuna RANNA (Solitude Runner) (16 women)
13. Touhikou (Elope) (16 women)
————————————————— MC 3
14. VUAMPAIA Keikaku (Vampire Plan) (18 women ?)

Source: Memolist. (“If AKB48 is sweets, SDN48 is Chinese food.”)

Even though we have no LOD for now, I for one expected a high level performance with this stage since we’re dealing with professional, mature entertainer 😉

P.S.: Akimoto is godly for picking up Nachu.


Paris 8

2009年07月20日 20:10

Of Course, It’s Paris ~Day 5~ (Last part)

Because we walk so much, the honourable AKB party was tired.
And then we walked in to a cafe which has these cute-clothed waiters.



Miichan requested pineapple juice,
But when it came, I’m surprised >_<


There are those who didn’t get the luck to have their juice decorated with red and blue sugar.

Member who requested pineapple juice were 4, 5 people.

But only Miichan’s was decorated.
Iyaa~ Paris is truly trendy~ ❤

After that we went cruising.


At the fifth day, our mind became a complete parisienne ♪


The scenery gave a beautiful breeze, really felt good.

Our last meal in Paris was chinese food.

So delicious :D❤


Paris 4


Of course, It’s Paris ~Day 3~

Finally, it’s the day for Japan Expo live.

I did warm-up with Kayo-chan

For the sake of today, we must learn
“Oogoe Diamond” and “BINGO!” English version and
“Sakura no Hanabira tachi”, French version.

It was so difficult.

I had this various anxiety and nervous feeling, but in the end it was succesful 😀

At the sign meeting,

Miichan I love you~ ❤

That kind of

Electrical wave!!!!

Chijyo~ no Tenshi~ ❤
(Earth’s Angel~❤)

From “Men★Dol”, there were also people who said that 😀

After that, I barge into the face-to-face meeting with fans.

I borrowed ribbon from Tomo~mi and become a girl~

With Lovetan, we wore blue checkers together.

Miichan walked around the street on merry mood.

Jumped with Cindy to make the mood merrier.

Eating meal together with everyone,
And 3rd day was finished.


2009年07月07日 18時20分40秒

Going to Paris this time, my self confidence is ascending.


Japan Expo, fans who came with us on the tour, recording of foreign TV shows, connection with the members!



The things that I get in this one week is immeasurable.

Getting this wonderful chance, I’m deeply thankful.

….this experience was just like a dream.

In 2 days of Japan Expo, Puffy-san also stood before us!!!!!

Being so close like that, we got goosebumps and tears, that was seriously bad…


They’re so attractive.

Gotta learn a lot m(_ _)m

I also got Paris’ macaron ❤


Just what? Is this thing? So delicious~

And then this time, the one who have my heart adjoining with her, Ai-chan.

How many times have her beautiful smile save me in this trip…


Thank you, Ai-chan ❤

At last, everyone who participated in the fan tour!

Everyone who have came from Japan to support us!

Truly, thank you very much.

Your warm looks have really saved us.

From now on too, AKB48 yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

Big Gathering

2009年07月01日 09時57分25秒

Cin-chan, Miichan, Kana, Tomo, Asuka, everyone in the airport suddenly…


It’s increasing~

I brought miso soup.

I, am a Japanese-chan~

/*I heard there’s an instant powder or something to make miso soup that you could bring around… Perhaps this is what she meant. Also, miso soup is like a nationality food for Japanese.*/


2009-06-17 17:24:22

Today I have a work together with Yuko-san ^_^ ❤

Collecting data for magazine ❤

And then…


The magazine that Yuko-san read…

It’s Flash 😀

This time is!!

Namida Surprise!
To track it until the release date…

It’s fully loaded with the other side of the PV(゜∇゜)


Cindy-san too
Took a 2-shot with Flash Acchan.

Even so, it’s been a while since the last time I met Cindy~ ❤

I’m happy ♪ ♪ ♪