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September 27, 2009 Leave a comment

2009-09-26 05:07:09

/*Those in italics are written in English.*/

Hello Hello Hello\(*^ω^*)/

Now it’s already noon★☆

The breakfast is



The cornflake

is not like the usual,
it’s too tasty~

From the morning, together with my roommate,

with Myao-san,
we’re having out spirits to the MAX ★♪

Moreover, moreover…


Wearing uniform,

holding Starbucks,

isn’t this the dream-like

NY STUDENT style!!!!!!!!!!

I also said


to the passing by foreigner.

/*Oh god, she even used Western emoticon.*/

I’m too happy \(^O^)/

There’s still some time
before the photoshoot starts★!!



Nemousu TV

September 20, 2009 1 comment

2009-09-19 08:00:59

Broadcasted every week on Friday night, 23 o’ clock at Family Gekijou, is Nemousu TV.

You see, yesterday was!!!!!

The last episode of season 2,

which splitted into the first part and latter part.

“Let’s climb Fuji Mountain!”, an absurd case like that was broadcasted (□`)

When I saw so much people commented about this in my blog, I decided to write about this.

This project…

was brought up by me (T(●●)T)

During my coming-of-age celebration,

I said, “In my twentieth, I want to climb Mt. Fuji.”

Even though I said that, I never think that I’ll do it for real ∩゜д゜;.)

As one would expect of the combination of katakana “ネ” and “申す”, it’s “ネ申”!!
/*’ネ’ is “ne”; “申す” is “usu”. ネ申 could be read as ‘Kami’ = “god”.*/

This TV show is really determined to do it ┐(‘~`)┌

And so, we’re going to ascend it!!
Read more…


September 20, 2009 Leave a comment



The event at Sendai has finished–!

It’s my first time at Sendai ♪

For everyone who has come.
Thank you very much!!

After this we’ll be having beef tongue(-∀-)
I wonder if it could get in~?

Perhaps because I’ve never eaten beef tongue before (゜ω゜)

Looking forward to it~♪

I’ve also bought souvenirs to bring back home (・w゜)/

Zunda mocchi~
Hagi no tsuki~

Just a little bit more, please look forward to our live at Sendai \(・∇・)/

The picture is me with Myao ♪

Her first appearance in this blog!!

Yukari’s Short Skit

September 18, 2009 Leave a comment

2009-09-18 22:01:20

Isn’t Yukarin’s here today? ^_^

Here, she did something amusing ❤ ❤

Let’s try it out…

Short skit,

rolling on (゜∇゜)

Yukarin’s short skit.


/*The conversation went something like this:
Yukarin: Short skit. *something* caprice. (Sorry, couldn’t hear it well).
Yukarin: Acchan, let’s do a short skit~
Acchan: No way.
Yukarin: Nyannyan, let’s do a short skit~
Haruna: No way.
Yukarin: Hey Myao, let’s do a short skit~
Myao: NO WAAAY!!!
Yukarin: Cha-chan~

We’ll score it…

Haruna, “It’s not funny. So it’s 26 points…. No…. 17 points!!”

Myao, “I think it doesn’t even reach 20(゜∇゜)”

Atsuko, “I don’t know how to score it (∵)”

Yukari, “Oh no~ Everyone’s so strict~
Here’s my wish: 27.5 points.”

Everyone, “……………..”

And the result is,
in deference to Yukari’s plea, we scored it as “27.5 points”…

The feeling’s still left on me…

Please look forward to the next one ❤

Surely, Yukarin will give more funny things to us 😉 *laughs*


☆24 Hours TV☆

August 31, 2009 Leave a comment

2009-08-30 22:28:57

24 Hours TV
has ended… ❤

Thus, I’m really happy to be able to participate in 24 Hours TV… ^_^

I received so much emotion from Imoto-san… ;_;

Imoto-san is really really cool… ;_;❤

Thank you very much for this deep emotion ;_;

“START ~Bring One Step Forward~”

Me too, to have the first step…
And then second step, third step, and continuing…

I’ll do my best ^_^!!

This year’s 24 Hours TV!!❤

For everyone who have participated in the charity and others…

For everyone who have taken part in the fund-raising,

really, thank you very much ^_^❤


24 Hours TV Start!!!!

August 30, 2009 Leave a comment

2009-08-29 18:35:38


The preparation has finished ❤
Today’s hairstyle was roll, rolled like that…

And then,
24 Hours TV start ❤


Immediately, we watched 24 Hours TV at the television.


To be able to participate in such a big event…
I’m really touched… ^_^

A charity event!!

We’ll do our best ^_^



August 29, 2009 Leave a comment

2009-08-29 23:51:07

Good evening ☆★♪!!

I’ll be participating in

24 Hours TV★☆

Even though I’ve always been

the one who watched 4 hours TV…


this time,
to be able to participate in a charity,

I’m really


24 Hours TV
will still continues after this ★

Tomorrow too, we,


will make our hearts become one,

combining our power,
with all of our efforts,
will do our best!!!!

I’m looking forward for tomorrowー♪*

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu★☆


↑ Up there is this year’s
24 Hours TV
charity t-shirt ♪

For Erena is
the pink one♪*

There are also
white and yellow variant!!★

For Erena,

the prints was
really cute (*^ω^*)

Luv it ★*

Well then~

Until tomorrow.

24 Hours TV
START★-Take One Step Forward!!