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Banana Parka(‘∨,)

August 31, 2009 1 comment

2009-08-31 20:17:55



Speaking of Takahashi Minami,


It’s banana parka \(‘∨,)/

Isn’t that so? ❤ *laughs*

When I went shopping before,

I found something~

That banana parka’s……..


new product!!!!!! 😀

“Banana trainer parka”!(b´∀`)

The evolution of banana parka for fall new product…
Has launched~❤ !! *laughs*

Of course, I gave it as a present for Takamina… *hehe*

This is the only thing to suit Takamina in fall, no mistake of it!!!! ❤


By Myself(゜∨。)

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2009-08-31 17:07:33

Tonight ❤

I appear in AKB48 regular radio at Bay FM On 8… ^_^

Because it’s a live broadcast, everyone please hear it, ‘kay? ^_^v

Today I’m going shopping by myself~

So much stuffs for fall…
It’s fun… ☆☆☆☆☆☆

Breakfast (・∪・)☆

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2009-08-31 11:48:40

Breakfast (・∪・)☆

Good morning~

From yesterday evening, somehow…

I wonder if I sleep too much yet it passed so fast??

Like that.

I woke up at 10(゜∇゜)


I’ve eaten breakfast.

By the way,
from tomorrow, September will start…

So fast~
It’s the new school term…!!!

Everyone, have you finished your homework or preparation for the new term?

I haven’t done anything. *sweat*

TomoTomo at…♪

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2009-08-31 22:04:03

This whole day is a job for TomoTomo ❤

It was so much fun~ ❤ ❤ ❤

By the way, I really admire
Tomochin’s lii~tle body.

I’ll do my best for a diet~ ❤


Please teach me
everyone’s diet method (/∀\*)

Aim to be crispy~

The end(・∀・)


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2009-08-31 16:52:48

Is in the middle of a job
for TomoTomo.


And then,
there’s an announcement from Yagi-san.

Today, 8/31 (Monday)
25:10~26:10 at Fuji TV in
“Shin kijyun seisaku iinkai
atarashii mono sasshi wo tsukuru!”;
/*Roughly means “Production of a new regulation at the commitee, let’s make a new thing!”.*/

Itano Tomomi
Kasai Tomomi
Miyazaki Miho
The three of us will appear.

Certainly, please check it out ^_^b



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2009-08-31 13:42:21

Today from the morning,

is photoshoot for
the cover of a ❤ light novel ❤


It has a bit different
atmosphere from the usual job.
It’s really fun to
completed the photoshoot ❤

The detail of it
will be informed later~

from now, for the 5 days of
❤ TGC ❤
I’ll be going for
fitting o(`▽´)

TGC’s just like a dream~(>∀<❤)ノ


/*TGC is Tokyo Girl’s Collection. An annual runway fashion show.*/


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2009-08-31 14:26:47

Good day,
this is Reina!!

Today’s so cold~(・_・、)

It’s been a while since I take my blanket out (・v・pq)+゜

Because Chiba is affected by typhoon, the rain and the wind was so hard from the morning (・_・、)

Even though I have a job today, but because of the weather it’s impossible for me to go out, no waay~(..;)

That’s what I think, but when I go out there’re only a bit drizzle. I’m lucky(∩∪`*)

But I wonder if this weather will continue for the whole day~!?

Even though it’s the last day of summer holiday~(・_・、)

For you who’s in the middle of enjoying summer holiday, for you who’re in the middle of job too, please be careful and don’t catch a cold~(・v・pq)+゜


The picture’s me with Akicha ❤ ❤ ❤