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★Lesson Listen★

July 31, 2009 1 comment

2009-07-31 10:43:26

Hallo hallo~★☆∩∵*



Praising my new hairdo,
Thank you very much.

I’m seriously happy.

I think that

I will enjoy myself with this hairdo.

Today is,


Today is,


That song and

This song…

Couldn’t get them all out >_<

Ganbaru zee!!

Well then~




2009-07-31 20:30:53

G’ evening (^^)ノシ

Sorry I can’t do
Any update m(_ _)m

Now lesson has ended!

Iyaa~ Today too
Was enjoyable.

Even though the lesson was strict, together with everyone at team K,
The fun times was passed really fast in my mind.

Everyone, tomorrow

There will be an event at Mother Farm.

I’ll participate in Tentou Shiki,
Certainly, please see it.

Please wait for it~

Well then, until tomorrow.


The Day for The Result

2009年07月31日 10時12分19秒

Now, it has come this far…

Getting a privilege to do “SDN48″… I’m glad.

Announcement to fans, meeting SDN members for the first time, the accumulation of lessons, and finally yesterday we’re doing lesson at the theater.

Today, is just like the real performance costume rehearsal!

I’m gripping my fist.

…but, before that!!

11:30~ at Ameba Studio, time for Ohori explotion~

1 More Day!

July 31, 2009 2 comments

2009年07月31日 01時13分17秒

Finally, today is the costume rehearsal!

Jouining hearts to become one with new companies…

For staffs who run together with us, for everyone who have waited eagerly with this, I want to make this stage as something that could burn your heart.

Please look forward to it!

Here comes the pressed ghost~

Tonight, will use 7 sheets of it~

2 Days to SDN Shonichi!

2009年07月30日 08時43分16秒

Now we’ll be going for the unusual make up (laughs)…


Because in the middle of lesson there was a business meeting, a ghost baba appeared…

Impossible isn’t it. By the way…

2 days more to SDN shonichi!

Nostalgic Photo Studio 2!!

July 31, 2009 2 comments

2009-07-30 22:53:01


Episode 2.


AKB48 Himawari-gumi First Stage unit,

“Idol Nante Yobanaide”‘s

Costume~ 😀

There’s only a little person who’s surprised or don’t know about this, isn’t it?

When doing this unit, I was the number one who was overflowing with youthful and cute energy… ^_^


I was young that time……

That is, my 2-shot with Miichan ^_^

Nostalgic Photo Studio Part 1!!

2009-07-30 14:20:37

In my cellphone….

Photos that were asleep inside the data holder….

Now I’ll show it to everyone.

To title it,

“Nostalgic Photo Studio”~


Well then, at once…


2 shot of NyanNyan and Acchan and their phantasmal twintail (゜∇゜)

In my 3 and a half year entering AKB48…

It’s not used only for 1 or 2 times, isn’t it.

Around that time, tying up twintails like this was really popular ヾ(゜∨゜)

It’s already about one year?
This photo.


So nostalgic~~!!!

The next one is this!!


Mayuyu and me and rhinoceros beetle… *laughs*

A rare 3-shot, isn’t it? *laughs*

Looks like it was when we dropped by game center and playing around.

By the way, the one who took this photo was Takamina.

This photo’s also token about 1 year ago.

Mayuyu and Acchan and rhinoceros beetle.

How’s it?

These nostalgic photos.

When I see it, I also think that this is so amusingly nostalgic 🙂

Today I’m planning to Up, Up,
Many nostalgic photos, so look forward to it 🙂