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Paris 5

2009年07月11日 19:50

Of course, It’s Paris ~Day 4~

In today’s hotel breakfast,
I took care of the seat near window.


From the morning, clearly·briskly·refreshed.

And then, Japan Expo live.

Before it, we did appeal time while walking to the hall.
In the day before too, so much person had come.

My nervous relieved a bit, and it was really fun.
Our live got a lot of feedback ☆

Japanese fans who participated in the tour and
Fans at the actual place.

For heating up the live together,
I’m really grateful.


After the end of it, we gave greeting to
The fans across the fence *bows*

At that time, I received this hat ★

U~~n, Paris-like.


U~~n, Mexican (!!)

Even though it didn’t feel like Paris,
It suits me (^_^)v

The staffs who watched the stage said that

They got goosebumps.

They were moved.

And so, we can say that Japan Expo live’s curtain was closed with a huge success 😀

After that, we had a meal together with fans.

Because it’s rare to have a chance for an ease conversation like that,
We had a lot of various talks.

It was fun ♪



In the Back

June 11, 2009 2 comments

2009年06月11日 22:35

According to schedule today, I didn’t appear in the day performance
I hurriedly want to perform again ★

This time, the one who has made her first appearance in team A performance, Ayarin 😀


And then, this is the impression of today’s usual clothes


In the back, there’s a strange appearance,
The well-known Yukarin!!

Lately, our improvised short-skit has become popular.

If there’s a chance I’ll show it here ★