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Takamina Journal

September 8, 2009 2 comments


From the morning today, we had a photoshoot.

I have a feeling that it’ll be a fairly cool piece.
Please look forward to it 😀

Becase there’s some time before the show,
casually with Takamina,

we went to buy Starbucks’ tea.

Takamina played the UFO catcher.

She was disappointed because it came off.

And closed with being affectionate to a cat.

It’s been a while since we took a purikura together.


It was a fairly full one hour.

I’ll do my best at the show 😀



September 8, 2009 Leave a comment

2009年09月06日 12:14

Sorry for yesterday 😦

The thing that made my mood rose up when we rode the bus was…


Because the one who always helped us at “Men*Dol” was there,
our bus driver, Satou-san.

His nickname is Relax.

He also got into “Men*Dol” DVD box,
although not many people know it, he’s very popular.

And then yesterday was truly, truly the last.
Crank up.

Suddenly “Koishite Akuma” has flowed away,
the students’ names was called one by one…

That’s why everyone were crying.

Minegishi, of course cried hard.

In this three and a half month.
Everyone were really has made good friends.

Nnn~~ I’m still sad until now.

Acting was really difficult, I’m still nervous in each round.
But Rei-chan and everyone taught me various of things, I’ve learned from them.

If I get the chance to do an acting again,
I think that I’ll make the best use of this experience!!

For everyone, I couldn’t appeared in shows and concert.
I apologize for any trouble that I’ve caused, now Minegishi has grown a bit.

From now on too, I’m looking forward to your help.

Please watch the last episode.❤


Niigo Erika-chan.


Chiaki and Anzu and Yuuna.


2nd appearance!
Best friend Nishimuraaaaaa~
(A pair of crying criminal :p )

Of course, the best friend of Mi group.

Really, thanks for everything.


*Spinning Mickey*

September 4, 2009 Leave a comment

2009年09月03日 06:43

At yesterday evening, when recording has ended
I went with those people to that place ❤

That was…

With Nozofisu and Yukarin to Disney Sea.

It was super fun XD

This is Yukarin while seeing the fireworks.

“This summer’s memory has come…”

…that’s somehow a bit late. *laughs*

At Disney Sea, Miichan’s
favorite attraction is Indiana Jones


Ariel’s Sea.

By the way, I think at (Disney)Land, my favorite is Mountain Space~

And then, for everyone who recognized us and greet us,
thank you very much ❤

We also bought souvenirs.
None, actually (laughs)

It was really wonderful time~
I absolutely want to go there again~

Today I’ll have drama shooting ❤


September 2, 2009 Leave a comment


Today is the beginning of September, which early
the 9th episode broadcast of “Koishite Akuma”.

After the lesson ended, I arrived at home on 10,
and I could watched it real time.

I’m happy if you could see it all together with me ^_^



August 25, 2009 Leave a comment

2009年08月24日 20:16

Even though I’ve planned to, I couldn’t write an update yesterday 😦

It’s the long awaited Budoukan concert,

“AKB 104 senbatsu members formation festival.”

It was really fun, really fun, really fun,
too much fun, I was surprised.

Wherever your seat was,
I’m sure that our eyes were met.

Even though the first day was not satisfactory for me,
today, I received caring gaze from everyone.

Everyone, did you met Miichan’s eyes!?

My shuffle units were
“Ame no Doubutsuen” and “End Roll.”

The animal costume was so cute,
I’m happy~


Miichan penguin.

“End Roll” was a serious dance!

I haven’t remembered it until the day before the performance, I watched the DVD at home over and over again!!

Yet I’m happy because the result of my practice could be shown.

Mikachii, Naruru, and Tsukina graduation;
announcement of the new formation; so much peak moments in my life that day.

Even though there are a lot of stuffs to think about,
to be able to put them all together, it was an amazing concert.

Ayu-nee, Hiichan, and Hana-chan also came.


For staffs who roughly can’t sleep because of the preparation,
and for everyone who have supported us with all of your effort until the end,

really, thank you very much.

For today to become a wonderful checkpoint,
from now on too I will do my best more and more.

From now on too, please support me~


/*Ameba blogs will be on its weekly maintenance until a few more hours onwards. 😦 */

Short Bread?

August 12, 2009 Leave a comment

2009年08月11日 23:05

Today’s show is also super fun.

Thank you very much for hyping up together 😀

Harunyan only appeared in one show, it’s kinda lonely ;_;

Team A really calms me down~

I love them!

SDN48’s Katou-san and Akita-san were coming to see us,
and gave us some food supply.

It’s happiness short bread…


Takamina and Yukarin who friendly eating it.

And Acchan who stared at them with serious looks.

By the way,

Katou-san and Akita-san are really beautiful.

Yesterday, I fell asleep when watching “Men*Dol” episode 4,
will continue it later~

Oyasumiichan. ❤
/*A word play from ‘oyasumi nasai’ (good night).*/


August 10, 2009 Leave a comment


Lately even when I’ve got on bed, I still can’t sleep…

At those times, I watch DVD “Men*Dol”.
“Men*Dol” is a drama where No Sleeves got the chance to starred, where girls disguised themselves as men and debuted as an idol.

Appearance like this,

Appearance like this,

Appearance like this,

Appearance like this,

And even like this *laughs*

It’s really varied~

For those who know us just lately
certainly, please check the series out.

If you have the chance, see it, ‘kay~