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Once Again

September 25, 2009 Leave a comment

2009年09月24日 23:37

mariko-shinoda-2009-09-24T23 37 47-1

We’re able to met, aren’t we 😆

You two just come back from SDN, aren’t you 😆

The spirits get high, isn’t it 😆

My tiredness is removed, isn’t it 😆

mariko-shinoda-2009-09-24T23 37 47-3

Black, isn’t he 😆

The yakiniku is so delicious, isn’t it 😆

We’re satisfied, aren’t we 😆

Until later, you see 😆

/*Drunk Mariko? 😆 */


Yukari’s Short Skit

September 18, 2009 Leave a comment

2009-09-18 22:01:20

Isn’t Yukarin’s here today? ^_^

Here, she did something amusing ❤ ❤

Let’s try it out…

Short skit,

rolling on (゜∇゜)

Yukarin’s short skit.


/*The conversation went something like this:
Yukarin: Short skit. *something* caprice. (Sorry, couldn’t hear it well).
Yukarin: Acchan, let’s do a short skit~
Acchan: No way.
Yukarin: Nyannyan, let’s do a short skit~
Haruna: No way.
Yukarin: Hey Myao, let’s do a short skit~
Myao: NO WAAAY!!!
Yukarin: Cha-chan~

We’ll score it…

Haruna, “It’s not funny. So it’s 26 points…. No…. 17 points!!”

Myao, “I think it doesn’t even reach 20(゜∇゜)”

Atsuko, “I don’t know how to score it (∵)”

Yukari, “Oh no~ Everyone’s so strict~
Here’s my wish: 27.5 points.”

Everyone, “……………..”

And the result is,
in deference to Yukari’s plea, we scored it as “27.5 points”…

The feeling’s still left on me…

Please look forward to the next one ❤

Surely, Yukarin will give more funny things to us 😉 *laughs*


Owatart (‘∨’)

September 18, 2009 Leave a comment

2009-09-17 21:47:21

/*A play from “Owatta” (finished) and “tart”.*/


The show has finished!! ^_^

Today, you see

the “River” video from

“Natsu no Saru Obaa-san” was

displayed for the first time!!!!

To say something about ourselves…….


I think everyone has become one in that ❤

River will look forward to your help ^_^❤

After the show’s finished, there was…
A seduction.


Cake. (゜∇゜)

I want to eat it…

I want to eat it……

I want to eat it~(;∇;)

And so, in place of me…


Yukarin eats it. ^_^

I’m satisfied with just one bite ^_^

This is Maeda Atsuko who’s defeated a little bit by the sweet temptation(゜∨。)


September 17, 2009 Leave a comment

2009年09月18日 00:01


“Could I eat this~?” face

mariko-shinoda-2009-09-18T00 01 52-2

really heals me (laughs)

So amusing.

Tomorrow I’ll have photoshoot, ganbarumba.

Dessert (o◇o)☆

September 15, 2009 Leave a comment

2009-09-14 18:52:42



Holding watermelon in her hands?


Oo, ooh~

“Watermelon get, yoo~”

Nyanyan’s mysterious mood…

Made us ate the watermelon ^_^

And then, handmade plum extract by Saru Obaa-san … ï¼¼(‘∨,)/❤❤



Everyone chewed on it~ ❤

Saru Obaa-san’s plum juice is the best ❤

/*Saru Obaa-san here, is the Saru Obaa-san from Saru Obaa-san Matsuri, the event where they announced AKB’s new single. Saru Obaa-san literally means “Monkey Grandma”.*/

Half-Finished Yukari-san☆

September 4, 2009 Leave a comment

2009-09-03 21:37:19


Hello there~

10 minutes after the show was finished, Yukari-san did a short skit… *laughs*

Please look at it.


2009/09/03 Video[アメーバビジョン]
/*I don’t really get it myself, but perhaps it’s something like Yukari went rambling that she and Haruna have a same hairstyle, but then get angry that Haruna copycat her, and so on~
I smirked, somehow :p.*/

Half-Finished Yukari-san ^_^

But still, we were laughing out loud. *laughs*

You could say that she really likes surreal things…

By the way, she tried this half-finished skit three times…


The topic is…


Haruna and Yukari-san have identical hair style. Something like that… *laughs*

That’s it, Yukari-san’s short skit corner ï¼¼(‘∨,)/ ❤

Regularly. 😀

*Spinning Mickey*

September 4, 2009 Leave a comment

2009年09月03日 06:43

At yesterday evening, when recording has ended
I went with those people to that place ❤

That was…

With Nozofisu and Yukarin to Disney Sea.

It was super fun XD

This is Yukarin while seeing the fireworks.

“This summer’s memory has come…”

…that’s somehow a bit late. *laughs*

At Disney Sea, Miichan’s
favorite attraction is Indiana Jones


Ariel’s Sea.

By the way, I think at (Disney)Land, my favorite is Mountain Space~

And then, for everyone who recognized us and greet us,
thank you very much ❤

We also bought souvenirs.
None, actually (laughs)

It was really wonderful time~
I absolutely want to go there again~

Today I’ll have drama shooting ❤