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September 19, 2009 4 comments

Just for you guys who love to be spoiled rather than waiting for the real thing 😆

Pronto from AIF, pronto from 2ch. (In white)




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[Takai Tsukina Graduation Blog Entry]

August 3, 2009 Leave a comment

/*As requested by my friend.*/

About Yesterday(・ω・)
2009.07.31 13:22

At the concert
In Diamond Hall,
It was announced that
I’m graduating from SKE48.

From before,
I’ve quite troubled with this matter.
Of course, the time that
I’ve pased with
SKE48’s fans and members
Is really fun.
Standing at the stage,
Doing performance and concert, SKE48’s related activites
Has brought me near my dream.
It was really fun.
But, me as SKE48 member,
Is still a student.
Having role as one,
Of course it’s no good
If I can’t advance to the next level.
When I think more about this matter,
About the probability for me to advance to senior high school-
To say it,
It doesn’t look good.
A student role before my eyes
Couldn’t be handled so easily.
Also, I think that
SKE48’s activities
Clashed with my target to be an actress.
If I continue this kind of half-treatment,
Someday the day where everything fail
Surely will come.
Even though in my heart, I’m worrying about so much consequences
I’ve decided to graduate from SKE48.
Deciding to quit with
This kind of egoist reason,
I’m really really sorry.
But, at this minute, at this path I’ve chosen
I will walk through it.

It’s only about 1 month to go.
For me to be here,
To make no regret,
I’ll do everything as maximal as I can.
Everyone who have supported me and
Staffs and
Those who have fought together until now-
I’m thankful for all of you.
Really, thank you very much!
And so, for this less that one month, yoroshiku onegaishimasu.


Acchan’s Birthday MC

Source: A5 2009/07/16 LOD.

Highlight: Yukari is so amusing, and Takamina is really gallant. Too bad Tomochin’s not here. Started after the cake part (it’s the same cake as they use in Namida Surprise PV). Remember the rumour that “Namida Surprise” is there for the sake of Acchan’s birthday celebration in the stage? 😀

Warning: It may contain a lot of mistakes.

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With Specially Made Yukata, A Professor who Loves AKB48 Performed an Ambush

/*Because this is too epic to be forgotten.*/



AKB old man found in France!? People who likes Japan’s pop culture and its subcultures are gathering at Paris’ suburbs, “Japan Expo 2009” for 2 days. In order to support the live concert plan a residence of Köln, Deutschland, who is a fan of AKB48, Yanzen-san (59) were waiting at the airport. /*Screw those katakana, I can’t read his name.*/

Wearing the red, blue, and green patterned AKB48 logo on his specially made yukata, Yanzen-san were waiting at the airport for them to “came out”. Actually, he is a professor in aviation-related disciplines, but he privately loves Japan idols.

“10 years ago, I liked Morning Musume. But now without any specific reason, I’ve grown to become AKB48 teams fan,” he said that with glittering eyes. About the show 3 days from now, “Of course I’m looking forward to it,” now he’s not waiting anymore. He turned a blazing eyegaze to the members who board into the bus together with fans who came from Japan.

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