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[SDN48 is Here!]

August 2, 2009 Leave a comment

Finally, the long awaited adult only unit has come to us! SaturDay Night 48!

Because Aki-P is a liar and with a tag “48” doesn’t mean that it have 48 members, this unit has a total of 18 members with 3 “Unders”, which I assume is something along the line of reserve members/kenkyuusei. Along with four lovely people from AKB that we’ve known, other SDN members came from various backgrounds. There’re actress, musician, part-timer worker, Chinese talent, someone who take a break from her university for SDN, professional comedian, etc.

The age ranged from 33 years old obaa-san until a fresh 21 years old lady. By the way, beside Ohori my favorite based on the first glance is Serina and Umeda Haruka. Make sure to visit their sexy, elegant website, to view their complete profile (the website server went down last night because of concentrated visitor, lol)

Having their shonichi at the AKB theater yesterday, 2channers who went to see it praised this stage highly as something that’s very worthwhile to see. Many also said that “The AKB members here stood out more than they usually used to be.”

The setlist :

SDN 1st stage – Yuuwaku no Garter

1. Saturday Night Party (5 white dress women)
2. Never! (5 crimson dress women + 5 white)
3. Black Boy (5 deep blue dress women + 5 black + 5 white)
————————————————— MC 1 / Self Introduction
4. Yuuwaku no GAATA (Garter of Temptation) (Akita Kazue, Kato Mami, Satou Yukari)
5. I’m Sure. (Itou Kana, Okochi Misa)
6. All In (Chen Qu, Noro Kayo, Nishukunihara Reiko, Kondou Sayaka, Imayoshi Megumi)
7. Jajauma LADY (Unmanageable Lady; or to be more literal, Wild Horse Lady) (Hatakeyama Chisaki, Ohori Megumi, Urano Kazumi, Serina, Kochi Masami)
————————————————— MC 2
8. Ganbarina (16 women)
9. Futsuu no Anata (The Normal You) (16 women)
10. Best by… (16 women)
11. Aisareru Tameni (To be Loved) (16 women)

12. Kodokuna RANNA (Solitude Runner) (16 women)
13. Touhikou (Elope) (16 women)
————————————————— MC 3
14. VUAMPAIA Keikaku (Vampire Plan) (18 women ?)

Source: Memolist. (“If AKB48 is sweets, SDN48 is Chinese food.”)

Even though we have no LOD for now, I for one expected a high level performance with this stage since we’re dealing with professional, mature entertainer 😉

P.S.: Akimoto is godly for picking up Nachu.


13th Single Senbatsu Election Final Result

July 8, 2009 9 comments

Just… Gotta spread the words, I guess.

(Copy-pasted from Mihipyon at the forum):

UNDERGIRL —> will sing the c/w song of this single
30 – matsubara natsumi
29 – matsui rena
28 – katayama haruka
27 – sashihara rino
26 – hirajima natsumi
25 – masuda yuka
24 – ohori megumi
23 – takajo aki
22 – yonezawa rumi

21 – kuramochi asuka
20 – oota aika
19 – matsui jurina
18 – miyazaki miho
17 – urano kazumi
16 – minegishi minami
15 – sato yukari
14 – miyazawa sae
13 – kitahara rie
12 – akimoto sayaka
11 – ono erena
10 – kasai tomomi
9 – kashiwagi yuki
8 – sato amina
7 – itano tomomi
6 – kojima haruna
5 – takahashi minami
4 – watanabe mayu
3 – shinoda mariko
2 – oshima yuko
1 – maeda atsuko

Acchan is not a human. x_x
And just.. Darn, what’s that Amina doing really high on the top?

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With Specially Made Yukata, A Professor who Loves AKB48 Performed an Ambush

/*Because this is too epic to be forgotten.*/



AKB old man found in France!? People who likes Japan’s pop culture and its subcultures are gathering at Paris’ suburbs, “Japan Expo 2009” for 2 days. In order to support the live concert plan a residence of Köln, Deutschland, who is a fan of AKB48, Yanzen-san (59) were waiting at the airport. /*Screw those katakana, I can’t read his name.*/

Wearing the red, blue, and green patterned AKB48 logo on his specially made yukata, Yanzen-san were waiting at the airport for them to “came out”. Actually, he is a professor in aviation-related disciplines, but he privately loves Japan idols.

“10 years ago, I liked Morning Musume. But now without any specific reason, I’ve grown to become AKB48 teams fan,” he said that with glittering eyes. About the show 3 days from now, “Of course I’m looking forward to it,” now he’s not waiting anymore. He turned a blazing eyegaze to the members who board into the bus together with fans who came from Japan.

Source is