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Activities on Setsunaito

September 22, 2009 1 comment

2009-09-22 11:05:22

/*About the title, please refer to Chikarina’s entry before this.*/

Good morning.

Yesterday, fairly

we enjoyed our setsunaito~

Everyone, setsunaito is

not about talking out sad things or painful things.

Setsunaito is

to think about positive things,
and if we had an enjoyable things, we share about it with everyone. That’s the kind of meeting it is, and so

there’s no sad things

about everyone~

At yesterday’s setsunaito,

we did karaoke and

we were super excited back there ❤

At the end, Yuka-chan was

singing Yasumura Namie’s


and with that, our setsunaito ended~

I think soon,

setsunaito will be hold again.

At that time,

I will write in this blog again 😀

By the way,

the coordinator for setsunaito is

Kana-chan ^_^

K members~

Let’s attend more setsunaito~\(^o^)/

Everyone too, let’s enjoy this silver week❤




Setsunaito ☆ミ

September 22, 2009 Leave a comment

2009-09-21 19:50:26

/*Is a combination from “Setsu” and “night” (in katakana). “Setsunai” itself means ‘painful’, while “setsu” is ‘eager’ or ‘earnest’. In one Chikarina entry before this I translated “Setsunaito” as “Passionate Night”.*/

Presently, after the show has ended,

we’re going to do a setsunaito❤

Today is karaoke,

it’s exciting~❤


Today’s setsunaito members are

Kana-chan, Nacchi, Yuka-chan, Natsumii ( ´∀`)

Everyone have B blood type, what an aweeesome combination.

There are so much people with B blood type in team K ^_^

From now on, we’re going to enjoy ourselves~


September 18, 2009 Leave a comment

2009-09-17 22:22:55

/*The title’s derived from “Otsukare-sama” and “G-Rosso”.*/

G-Rosso show has finished~

It’s really fun to move around that spacious stage, like a chassis ⊂^⌒⊃_д_)⊃
/*Not sure about this one. Couldn’t completely get what “しゃぃじゃいますね” means >_<*/

However, the stage’s constructed as two parts. Climbing the stairs was

a bit difficult.

Isn’t that so? Kayo-chan.


After the show, what are you doing Kayo-chan?


Sasshi’s meddling with Ume-chan~ヾ(・3・)ノ

While playing with cellphone, Yuka is singing a song.
This person is so skillful~ (o’3`o

Today, is a show where team K, team B, and kenkyuusei are mixed.
Everyone, thanks for your work ❤


August 12, 2009 Leave a comment

2009年08月11日 08時10分34秒

Shinkansen was affected by the earthquake, and in order to avoid the lateness, we take the aeroplane.


Even in a little bit free time, we’re doing lesson, lesson!

This time team’s solo concert…

For only team K to perform in Osaka Nanba Hatch…


“Today” has come.

— At summer 3 years ago–

Those days, while Team A was going to Odaiba Boukenou for media coverage, we were holding fort at the theater.

Just how many members who were collapsed with fatigue…

The first summer since I entered AKB was filled with experience that deepened our bonds with everyone, now we are comrades and feels just like a family.

Frantically wanting to approach team A, we did reckless struggle.

To be recognized,
to put our each and own dreams closer to the goal,
we don’t have the time to look back.

Thus, now…

A joy for our solo concert

is immeasurable…

We don’t know what would happen in the next 3 years, but now one of our dream has been granted.

For everyone who have given your support, and all the staffs.

Please accept this stage where we put our heart in as a payback.

Now, to meet everyone today, please wait for us~ ☆

Kokoro Hana

August 7, 2009 Leave a comment

2009年08月05日 22時14分11秒

With Sae and Sayaka, I went to see Masuda Yuka-chan’s theater play, “Kokoro Hana”! (Flowers of Heart)


I couldn’t really say much because I may give out a spoiler…

Yuka’s enthusiastic performance was…
Making us hot from the inside…
And made us shed tears….


The figure when one member is doing her best gives us energy each and every time.

Yuka, do your best until the finishing date!!!!

The ransom is the flower that suits Yuka the best, a sunflower snack…


Please support her!

K Show~(/∀\*)

August 4, 2009 Leave a comment

2009-08-03 22:28:53

Today is the K performance~

Of course, K show is so fun.

Our spirits rised superbly high~

Today’s show is a show that
has passed Tomo’s qualification score ❤

And then, today is Yuttan’s
birthday~ ❤

Happy birthday (嬉´ω`ポ)


Yesterday’s photo ❤

Tomorrow is G-Rosso.

But before I can do that,
I must revisit a place ❤ *sweat*

Like this,

this whole day was so~ fun ❤

How about you?

The end (・∀・)


August 3, 2009 Leave a comment

2009-08-02 16:09:35

Yuttan is in a weird mood ❤


Why do you put tamborine on your neck *hearbreak*

This kind of appearance,
Is just like her ❤ ❤ ❤

Amusing (-∀-)

As one would expect from Yuttan ❤ ❤ ❤

Energetic~ (/∀\*)

The end(・∀・)