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Namida Surprise First Part

August 26, 2009 Leave a comment

2009年08月25日 23時22分42秒

My important comrades, team K-chan.

Moou~ It’s enoough~~ (sob)…

After the jamboree was finished, manager Kin-san was calling out to me, “Ohori, let’s present your book to Sata-san and Kiyoto-san~.”

When I presented it to Sata-san and Kiyoto-san…

“‘Coz you have launched a book, sign it.”


“Won’t you write your name, babaa!!”

I’ll write it firmly! (laughs)

My name!


After the usual greetings, when I returned to dressing room…

When I opened the door…

The light was dark…


To be continued.

Meal at Laas~t

2009-07-06 20:18:39

Now ☆ ☆

Is meal breaktime ❤

My stomach’s empty(∵)!!!!

By the way, today’s meal is ❤ ❤


Kare rice ❤

Soo boryummy~ ☆ ☆

And furthermore, today


With the 2 Bad Boys ❤
Kiyoto-san and Sata-san, we had meal together~

A plan to get along with Bad Boys-san? ^_^

Because the members who eat with them are changing every time!!

Thus, today is me and Minami ♪

Because Bad-san are kind, it’s enjoyable~ ❤ ❤


Let’s eat~

MonMonMo (´ω`)

2009-06-25 16:20:58


We’re still in this travel on the bus ☆ ☆ ☆

And from before…..

One word interview ☆

Now continues(∵)!!



“If I get sunburnt today~ (∵)
I’ll be Makurochin (゜∀。)” /*Literally means pitch black-chin (-chin is the suffix in her nickname.*/

Because it’s Tomochin….

Makurochin! (laughs)

We’ll surely get sunburnt today!

And Tomochin will become Makurochin immediately..


Bad Boys
Sata-san ❤

“Your gelato party is a treat from me!! !!”


What a blatant lie (laughs)

Rather gives something to staffs than us…(o⊿o) (laughs)


Bad Boys
Kiyo-chan ❤

“Maeda, your figure today surely is summer-like (´o`)”


Surely, those words came from Kiyoto-san who’s also like that (∵) (laughs)

Sharp white tank-top ☆
Short jeans ☆
And cap ☆


That was fun 😀

One word interview ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Well then, it’s about one more hour. I’ll go asleep for a abit ☆

Good night~