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Bus (・∪・)

June 30, 2009 2 comments

2009-06-30 15:07:20

Today’s shooting has finished ☆ ☆

Members are ❤


Sae-chan ☆
Yuu-chan ☆
Miichan ☆
Acchan ☆

The 4 of us ☆

That was really fun~ ❤ ☆

But still, what’s the topic…
What’s the shooting about…

I still can’t say it x_x

Please wait
For just a little bit more ☆

And so… ☆
After this Sae and Yuko will be having a theather show!!

And looks like Miichan will have a handshake meeting.

Dash, bus, dash~


My bento 😀

Good night~ ☆ ☆

I’m happy because today I’m able to sleep a lot ❤ ❤



2009-06-30 08:28:53

Good morning.

Even though today I want it to be sunny day…

From the morning, lonesome rain is… 😦

No way-!! x_x

However, I’ll be going~ ☆


Amusement After the Show

2009-06-30 22:26:59

Good evening.

K show has ended,
And I have returned home ❤

As I thought, K show is
So enjoyable~ (〃▽〃)

After the show today has ended,
With Yuko-chan
We eat Gari Gari-kun /*A name of ice cream.*/


Gari Gari ^_^ ❤

Ice cream after the show
Is the best!!

But today,
I really want to eat ramen~ But even though I want to,
I should be patient =_=
And because of that
In today’s handshake meeting
I don’t look chubby ^_^

I should do a diet…
Well, especially
In those area ❤❤❤

Good night~ *Zzz*

Here I am, Now in Preparation

June 30, 2009 2 comments

2009年06月30日 23:45

I don’t want to stop the handshake meeting today
Because so much people have come ❤ (laughs)

Because I’m able to have conversation with everyone, now I can become energetic.

I got many praise about my clothes~

Aim for the fashionable style!

And after that, I went with Takamina and Harunyan,
The three of us, it really has been a while…

Separating with Harunyan, Miichan too
Thought that she becomes very lonely 😦

No, I’m fine ☆ *LOL*

And then, now I’m in the middle of packing. So slow..

Joseph, you also don’t want to be separated from Miichan, do you 😦


This person too, will become very lonely 😦


Holding everyone’s feeling in my chest, tomorrow I’ll begin the trip.


2009年06月30日 14:30

Today, with Acchan, Yuko, and Sae-chan
We have a shooting from the morning ❤

The topic was…


Minegishi, Unmasking Her Mind!!

I thought I would die~

After this is handshake meeting ❤❤❤



June 30, 2009 2 comments

2009年06月30日 22時06分07秒

I received diet goods as presents!!


Iyan, iyan…. I’m happy!!

Facing summer, I should become thin!!


I’m glad~

My current body’s condition, you see, since the marathon, my fat and my muscles becomes just like mille-feuille. It’s such a mess, what a miserable condition… /*Mille-feuille is some kind of pastry, which is soft and flabby.*/

Facing the summer, I must do this thing seriously. For doing a gravure!

A Rough Impression ♪

2009-06-30 21:57:12

G’ evening (´・ω・`) ❤

Today the shooting ended early.

And after that I always spend out a laid-back time in my house (’∨`)/

I watched DVD today (*´ω`*)❤❤❤


The pic is

Me with Sato Amina-chan \(^o^)/ ❤

Today we met at the teater!

By the way

Myao-san’s apperance today is rough style (・∀・)☆ ☆

I got burdened by the rucksack (-∀-)❤


Summer’s fashion have

A rough feeling, isn’t it (^O^)v

Well then~