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Chinese Food (゜U。)

September 25, 2009 1 comment

2009-09-25 13:58:40


For dinner, we have~

Chinese couisine.

Shark fin soup!!❤


I had 2 bowls of it ^_^❤

I wonder if my skin will be smooth ❤


Takamina must battle against these.

Fish ❤


Its face is scary. *laughs*

Meat (´∀`)

Nothing but meat~ ❤

The others include Chinese-style fried rice, and shrimp as dessert.
That was so delicious ^_^ ^_^❤


☆I’m Back (b^-゜)

September 17, 2009 Leave a comment

2009-09-17 22:47:37

Good evening,
this is Reina(*∀`*)


The show has finished,
now I’ve came back to my house(*・ω・)v

At today’s show,
I did


Together with Kitarie and Nakayan-sanヽ(。_゜)ノ❤

That was fun!!

And then…(*∀`*)

At the end of the show today,
“RIVER” video
from Saru Obaa-san
was showed.

But, because Reina
is still 15 years old, I can’t appear until the end and couldn’t see it(・_・、)

Too bad. x_x

won’t “Kimi no Koto ga Suki Dakara” be shown?
I want to see what kind of feeling will it give ❤


But now, until here is bye bye~

Gyood night.


☆Yesterday Was(*∀`*)

September 6, 2009 Leave a comment

2009-09-06 13:30:46

Good day,
this is Reina~!!!!


Since I have the day off today, I was sleeping until just now ❤

Ehehe (*∀`*)

At the end of yesterday, everyone went to Joy Police.
/*A name of indoor amusement park. It’s also the place for Men*Dol shooting.*/

Linked by Amina, the four of us went playing (>ω<*)

It was really fun.

The number one thing that made us excited was Joy Police’s most popular two-riders snowboard ❤❤❤

We competed our score, so that’s why we tried reea~lly hard. *laughs*

By the way…

We’re competing on Amina & Ishida team
and Kitarie & Reina team.

Amina & Ishida team got
20 points.

Kitarie & Reina team got
40 points.

We woon (⊃∀`)ノ

That was fun!!

After the shooting, we went to eat ramen together with Sasshi. But because she had an errand to do, she can’t play with us. That’s why, next time I want to play together with her.

Really, going all “Waai, waii, kyaa, kyaa~” with your friends is the best.

Looks like competing for score with more people will be more fun~

I mean, more loud~ 😀

After this I’m going to watch drama, and in order to search some light novel perhaps I’ll go to a book store~ ❤


☆☆Here Comes(゜∀゜)!!

August 16, 2009 Leave a comment

2009-08-15 12:18:13

Good day!
This is Reina.

Team A in Fukuoka~


We’ve arrived at Fukuoka~

Of course, the mood get high!

Really looking forward to this~

A solo team A concert in Fukuoka.

I’m happy ∩ω`

To everyone who see it for the first time, in order for you to remember Reina, I will give out enjoyable performance.

For you who couldn’t come,

please pray so this could be a success, ‘kay~?

And then, for those who come,

let’s meet after this!!



2009-07-23 16:13:10

We were…


Goddeses ☆ ☆

For the sake of today’s photoshoot,

We’ve descended on human’s world ☆


Human beings are really rich on ideas ☆

Yes, yes.



It was a peaceful photoshoot with everyone ❤ ❤

And so ❤

Up to Boy

Photoshoot has ended~ ^_^

After this I’ll be going for another photoshoot ❤


☆Birthday Celebration☆

2009-07-19 23:14:44

Today ❤ ❤ ❤
❤ Itano Tomomi’s ❤
☆Birthday Celebration☆
Has arrived ♪♪


Finally, I’m able
To get congratulation
From everyone.
I’m really

Of course,
Painful things or
Are there sometimes.

I’ve received
Everyone’s support
Until this point ❤:Dv

Still, I have to say
I still have a long way to go.

From now on too,
I’ll do my best!

☆ Itano Tomomi ☆
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!

And then,
From Amina, ❤


I received
Tomo’s character,
[Tom]-chan cookie ❤

I’m happy ❤

Well then, tomorrow
We’ll go to Hokkaido so (゜∀❤)ノ
Gotta sleep now… (laughs)

Thank you very much ^_^❤



Amina p(´Ⅴ`q)

2009-07-19 22:12:07


Together with Tomochin’s birthday celebration ☆ ☆

Amina was ☆ ☆


Giving us member character cookies~ ^_^!!

Tomochin’s was Tomochin rabbit ❤

Acchan’s was Acchan character negi cookie~
/*Negi is a spring onion.*/

And then!!
Kitarie’s was… ☆ ☆


Unagi-inu cookie.

That’s because Kitarie looks like unagi-inu~ (゜∇゜)❤ ❤

Amina made cookies for the three of us who have birthday in July ❤ ❤

Amina, thank you ^_^❤ ❤

It’s members love~ ❤

AKB48 is absolutely one warm team ^_^ ♪

Ufufu~ ❤