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Yukirin Diary

September 20, 2009 1 comment

2009年09月20日 22:49


Today’s handshake meeting and photoshoot has finished (O∀O)

It’s been a while since we have separated handshake meeting like this!
It’s good to be able to have a nice talk with everyone…♪

From tomorrow on, is more “Iiwake Maybe release commemoration event”!
Nagoya → Hiroshima → Fukuoka → Oosaka; four places in three days (゜∀゜)

For me, it’s my first time going to Hiroshima. I’m looking forward to it!

☆List of things that I want to eat☆

→ Chicken wing, white wall (a kind of pancake with ice cream on top)

→ Hiroshima’s okonomiyaki.

→ Hakata ramen.

→ 551’s manjuu, takoyaki.

That’s all ( ̄∀ ̄)

How much could I take-??

I’m going to enjoy it! *laughs*

For everyone who’re coming to Nagoya, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Oosaka!

Please wait for us~(^ω^)★

Well then, well then,
until tomorrow~♪



September 18, 2009 Leave a comment

2009-09-17 22:22:55

/*The title’s derived from “Otsukare-sama” and “G-Rosso”.*/

G-Rosso show has finished~

It’s really fun to move around that spacious stage, like a chassis ⊂^⌒⊃_д_)⊃
/*Not sure about this one. Couldn’t completely get what “しゃぃじゃいますね” means >_<*/

However, the stage’s constructed as two parts. Climbing the stairs was

a bit difficult.

Isn’t that so? Kayo-chan.


After the show, what are you doing Kayo-chan?


Sasshi’s meddling with Ume-chan~ヾ(・3・)ノ

While playing with cellphone, Yuka is singing a song.
This person is so skillful~ (o’3`o

Today, is a show where team K, team B, and kenkyuusei are mixed.
Everyone, thanks for your work ❤

Wait for It!!

2009年07月18日 22時50分46秒

Now PV shooting has ended-!!!

Everyone were really, really, looking forward to it-!!!!!!!!!!

Please anticipate for it!

Coming all the way from Sakae is Rena-chan and Nacchan ❤