Wonderful ヾ(´ω`=´ω`)ノ

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2009-09-26 11:00:28

Now it’s 8 P.M. at New York.

The photoshoot has safely finished!!❤

I’ve got so much new experiences…❤

Feels like I’ve brought my dream one step closer~


The sunset is beautiful

One word for it: I’m touched ^_^


Comparing to yesterday, today’s temperature at New York is so low.

It’s so cold, my nose looks like a reindeer (=゜ω゜)ノ *laughs*


For us it’s really

one day full of great satisfaction 😀

Nyaa~ ~ ^_^

Thanks for your work~



Bed Time (・∀・)

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2009-09-26 10:00:40


Last stage of shooting!!

To be able to see such a beautiful scenery, I’m touched ;_;❤

Everyone could see it later ^_^

Well then, we’ll be going for the last part of shooting.

Shooting, Shooting ヾ(´ω`

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2009-09-26 06:38:59


The shooting’s so enjoyable ❤

Now everyone are in a lovely…

❤ ❤

Everyone, please look forward to it ❤


Lunch ^_^

The staffs are so kind and amusing~


Just 3 more hours!!!!

We’ll do our best~ ^_^

Shooting Location!

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2009-09-26 02:25:41


Now we’re at the shooting location~ ^_^

There are horse and squirrel running around ❤ ❤ ❤

Central Park’s awesome, so awesome x_x❤

By the way, now at New York is 1 P.M. ^_^

After this we’re going to do some really fun things!!

Yuko Planet★

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2009-09-27 00:17:17

After the job’s finished, no matter what we want to eat PASTA. And while we’re marching on…

PLANET HOWLLYWOOD detected (❤´v`b)★

At the MENU, PASTA is also there!!!!!

Well well, we had no choice but to enter it (盛`O□O)

We ate a lot ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

NY’s foods really match my taste ⊂~⌒つ´∀`)⊃

I really fancy eating them when I’m in Japan (#□`).

I’ll be fat? Please don’t say that (#□`)


At PLANET HOWLYWOOD, I matched my hands with

WILL SMITH’s hand print ((。*◇v艸0)*゜


WILL SMITH’s hands are big, aren’t they~

After this we’re going to do a live at NY anime festival~ (´v`)

It’s 8 A.M!! in NY

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2009-09-26 21:16:57

Good morning,
good day,
good night~


Whichever it is (.ω・)/⌒

NY’s morning is Japan’s night, when Japan is morning then NY is night…

Time-miss communication, isn’t it…

Yesterday, I saw NY setting sun from the top of a building o(❤゜v`❤)

The setting sun that illuminated MANHATTAN was so beautiful.


To live in the same earth with different time is a wonder, isn’t it (・Θ・)


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2009-09-26 09:37:54

All NY signboards are big!!!!!!

There’s chocolate coming out from HERSHEY’s signboard.


Steam also appeared, I’m fascinated (´∀)b

And then!!

The avenue just in front of our lodging place is…

BROADWAY avenue ❤

I’m excited because a dream-like show is opened up before me~

Among other things, it’s strange that I couldn’t notice this MAMMA MIA!’s signboard! It’s that big, it stands out so much!!


I wanna see the SHOW~~ (#□`).+:゜