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Nemousu TV

September 20, 2009 1 comment

2009-09-19 08:00:59

Broadcasted every week on Friday night, 23 o’ clock at Family Gekijou, is Nemousu TV.

You see, yesterday was!!!!!

The last episode of season 2,

which splitted into the first part and latter part.

“Let’s climb Fuji Mountain!”, an absurd case like that was broadcasted (□`)

When I saw so much people commented about this in my blog, I decided to write about this.

This project…

was brought up by me (T(●●)T)

During my coming-of-age celebration,

I said, “In my twentieth, I want to climb Mt. Fuji.”

Even though I said that, I never think that I’ll do it for real ∩゜д゜;.)

As one would expect of the combination of katakana “ネ” and “申す”, it’s “ネ申”!!
/*’ネ’ is “ne”; “申す” is “usu”. ネ申 could be read as ‘Kami’ = “god”.*/

This TV show is really determined to do it ┐(‘~`)┌

And so, we’re going to ascend it!!
Read more…


Manager Comment

September 9, 2009 Leave a comment

2009-09-08 14:52:11

Thank you very much for always supporting Maeda Atsuko.

And then this time, Maeda was down because of cold. We’re really sorry for causing you to worry.

This is Maeda Atsuko’s manager, Sakamoto.

During the daytime yesterday, Maeda was already looked like she’s in a bad shape but,

the person said that “I want to perform in the show”. That’s why I allowed her to enter the theater.

But after that, the chill attacked her, so we brought her to hospital and got her examined.

It’s not influenza.

She said, “For everyone who’re waiting, I want to write the blog.” But for one day, she should be fully resting on bed.

(Perhaps on the bed, while her mom isn’t looking, she secretly read comments from everyone and maybe received courage from it).

For everyone who’s looking forward for the blog, our deep apologize.

/*Now when I think about it… For the past few days her blog entries have been shorter than usual. You should take a good care of yourself, Acchan. Get well soon ;_; */

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Latter Part

August 26, 2009 1 comment

2009年08月26日 01時16分06秒



The moment when I opened the door, cracker opened sound was resounding.


Grinning faces from cute members of team K,

kind smiles from staffs who always give their support,

and when I looked at my back, the laughter of Sata-san and Kiyoto-san who just talked with me a moment ago…

“Meetan, happy birthday~!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Finally I understand.

And at the same time, my tears was flowing out.

I was crowned with a tiara, was given a bouquet of flowers, affection, all received at once…


After I blew the cake’s candle:


This is a blessing.

This is not a happiness that you could found anywhere.

To receive affection from people that I love until this extent is a luxury.

Everyone, thank you.

Staffs, thank you very much.

It’s beyond luxury already~…

The message from everyone really makes my chest hot~

“Team K is eternally comrades! Our bonds won’t be cut off even though we die!!! Meetan. Always, always, smile, okay? (^^) Love you.”

From team K.


My tears can’t stop…


Thank you.

Team K.

/*WE ARE THE TEAM K!!! ;__; Darn… I cried reading this entry.*/


August 12, 2009 Leave a comment

2009年08月11日 08時10分34秒

Shinkansen was affected by the earthquake, and in order to avoid the lateness, we take the aeroplane.


Even in a little bit free time, we’re doing lesson, lesson!

This time team’s solo concert…

For only team K to perform in Osaka Nanba Hatch…


“Today” has come.

— At summer 3 years ago–

Those days, while Team A was going to Odaiba Boukenou for media coverage, we were holding fort at the theater.

Just how many members who were collapsed with fatigue…

The first summer since I entered AKB was filled with experience that deepened our bonds with everyone, now we are comrades and feels just like a family.

Frantically wanting to approach team A, we did reckless struggle.

To be recognized,
to put our each and own dreams closer to the goal,
we don’t have the time to look back.

Thus, now…

A joy for our solo concert

is immeasurable…

We don’t know what would happen in the next 3 years, but now one of our dream has been granted.

For everyone who have given your support, and all the staffs.

Please accept this stage where we put our heart in as a payback.

Now, to meet everyone today, please wait for us~ ☆

18 Years Old Morning p(´Ⅴ`q)

2009-07-10 11:39:47

Good morning…!!

Finally morning has come ❤

Reading last night’ comments, it was so pleasant and enjoyable…

I can’t sleep… ❤


Really thank you… ❤

This is the first time I received a constant


From so much person at 18 years and 0 days in my life ☆ ;_;

18 years old richness is…

“At any rate, advance forward!!
Don’t stop!!
And then, gratitude!!”

I will continue while holding these keywords in my heart 😀 ☆

When I was 17, there was also superb happiness which I’ve used to pass through this one year… ☆

I think… It’ll be really good if this year I can jump furthermore… ^_^

Isn’t 18 years old is an important year!?

This year, I want to put my life into AKB48!!!!!!

And then, the one who produced and supported AKB48, Akimoto-san ☆

Members who fight together with me ☆
Staffs who have given their support ☆

And more than everything else, everyone who have given their assistance for me!!!!!

While holding this gratitude feeling, I will do my best!!!!


Yoroshiku onegaishimasu ☆

There were so much thing that I want to write,

But somehow they can’t be collected(゜□。)!!!!

Ah! Going on my pace like this, I forget that I still want to continue p(´ω`q) ☆ ☆


One year ago, a congratulation from people at my office,
This was the birthday photo ❤ ☆ ☆

What do you think? 🙂

Me one year ago ☆ ☆

Did I change a bit from that time? ^_^ ^_^

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

2009, 18 years old Maeda Atsuko ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

I hope to be living one good year ☆ ☆

Really, please take care of me *giggle* !!!!!

Vote Count

2009年07月09日 11:15

Because I was nervous to that extent, yesterday the blog was running continuously
But I haven’t told you about the result, I’m sorry.

The result is

★16th place★

Being able to get into senbatsu,
I’m really happy 😀

For fans who have supported me
From my heart, I’m really grateful ❤

Even though I don’t have much confidence,
Now after hearing the result I feel a bit mortifying.


It’s so mortifying >_<

The me right now is not satisfied with this result!!

To do things better than anyone else,
Yesterday I understand that clearly.

Minegishi Minami

From now on too, will do her best!

Please help me with your unchanging support 🙂

From My Heart…

2009-07-08 21:50:06

Today is the announcement day
For the senbatsu election!

A moment before the announcement really made my heart throbbing.

“Aah… My heart’s stopped…”

I’m serious.

Until now, I’ve never felt nervousness
Like this.

And then the result is…

❤ 10th place ❤

I received 10th place
From everyone ❤

Truly thank you very much ❤

When I was called out, it was too much.
I’m sorry I can’t convey my gratitude in words greatly.

Truly thank you very much ❤

Even though I’ve said it several times,

My gratitude today, gratitude until now,
I still can’t return it back (>_<)

That’s why, at least!
To make everyone who have voted not disappointed,

“It’s good that Kasai is in ❤”

Please think so,
I’ll do my best
And aim more and more for the top (w>ω

From now on too, AKB…

Kasai Tomomi

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu ❤

Truly, thank you very much!


The photo is something you can’t make out if it’s laugh or tears,
I’m sorry.

The end(・∀・)