The Charming…

2009-09-24 21:48:32

Good evening ❤

Today I’ve done

G-Rosso show~

There were so much things that I couldn’t remember.

Even though I always couldn’t done those things
at the actual performance,

today I was able to do it~ ❤ ❤

Hooray ^_^

To put it in words,

I feel refreshed (“∀`)/

Today I’m able to sleep properly.

And then, and then,

just before this,

I put out my courage to greet her!!

“Could we take a picture together?”


“That’s fine.”

So ❤

I’ll announce that person.




Taraaa (☆▽☆) ❤


It’s Mariko-sama.

She’s really really

At the time when I appear at A show,
she also talked to me.

I’m happy ^_^❤

It’ll be good if I could have another chance like this \(^o^)/

At that time, I’ll put out my courage again.

Well then, until tomorrow ❤

Bye-chan ❤


  1. Mike
    February 21, 2011 at 12:25 am

    shinoda mariko i love you

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