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Unbelievable ☆

2009-09-22 21:24:09

My latest photobook will come in less than a month ヾ(・゜3゜・)ノ

I wonder if I should do a little introduction for it~

4 days at Guam, 1 day at Japan.
Fuu~~~~~~~~lly on shot.

There are so much prime stuffs in it—– (❤□❤b)

“It’s token until that far!?!?!?!!?” – like that, I’m projected in it…

For this reason!!!!!!!!
The title is,
“Yuko’s Unbelievable Everyday”.

As for the story, it’s nothing like my ordinary days!! Feels like that (._・)

It’s also totally different from my photobook before, “Yuurari Yuuko” ((((゜д゜)))!!!!!!!

To brag, it is a masterpiece (#□`)

That’s why, I want many people to see it.

Oshima Yuko wants to give you all some joys… A feeling like that ❤



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