2009-09-21 17:08:41

For everyone who have come to handshake event at Nagoya, thank you very much~

Around 4,000 people have come!!!!

Awesome (ノдQ`。)

Moreover, when I saw Oasis21’s ceiling, it was splendid.

Just being there at Oasis21 makes you feel refreshed~

This time, somehow,

theater’s manager Togasaki-san also came.


That one with black T-shirt.

Togasaki-san always gives out this nice smell.

※In case you get it, in order for the person himself doesn’t notice it, please just sniff his smell (-∀-)

Today, even though I wear black jacket,

just why there are so much white fur on it!!!!!!!!

Just what the heck!?!?!?!? When I think about it, the criminal is


Kojima-san’s coat (□°).

The fur is sticking out~
Let’s inspect it in a bit more detail.

No, no!!

Even though I love Kojima-san so much, this fur is a no~(゜д゜

I don’t want to be all covered in white fur~

Ms. Sulking, Kojippa.

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