Good Morning~

2009-09-21 13:28:57

Let’s sing a song~♪
While imagining just what kind of song will I sing, please continue reading.

/*Those in italic were written in English.*/

Title: “Let’s go YUKO❤!!”
Lyrics/Composition: Oshima Yuko
Chorus: Akimoto Sayaka
Musical accompaniment: Miyazawa Sae

Here we go♪

Here we go♪

To Nagoya♪

Let’s go YUKO♪

Today is♪

A handshake meeting at Nagoya♪

Everyone at Nagoya, are you fine?~♪

One moon, one time in NAGOYA*~♪

Tenmusu, tebasaki, misokatsu, hitsumabuji**

Surely are waiting for me~♪

No, no, they are waiting for everyone, surely♪

Carrying happiness, smiles are overflowing Seizing happiness, grasping your hands♪

I have a peace♪♪♪ YES WE CAN♪♪♪

There, finished. *laughs*

As a response, we took a picture after writing the song. Look and hear it, ‘kay?*❤


* Not sure about this part.
** All of them are Nagoya’s specialty foods. Tenmusu: onigiri with fried prawn. Tebasaki: tip section of chicken wing. Misokatsu: miso with pork cutlets . Hitsumabuji: some kind of food with rabbit meat.

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