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Chinsukou (o∨o)ь

2009-09-20 19:20:22

/*Is a name of Okinawan Sweets.*/

The reward for completing photoshoot…


I received chinsukou ❤

The giver was ❤


This person.


A present from Okinawa ❤


I received about 5 packs…(゜∇゜)(゜∇゜)v *laughs*

While I’m thinking about it…
I received more and more… (゜∇゜)

On the center of studio, I’m eating chinsukou alone with ease…

Various people laughed… (∵)


Chinsukou is so delicious \(‘∨’)/❤

But perhaps I’ll be chubby with this (∵)

So I shared it with staffs… ^_^

And that fun photoshoot ended with this feeling ^_^

Banzai \(‘∇,)/

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