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Sendai Handshake Meeting (゜∇゜)!

2009-09-19 13:53:56


Sendai handshake event,

has finished ^_^

“Thank you for coming to Sendai” or “Welcome~” or “Come again, ‘kay?”

many people said that, I’m happy… ^_^

Everyone, thank you very much.

We’ll certainly come to Sendai again for “River” release event… ^_^

Everyone at Sendai,
we’re looking forward to your patronage ^_^

After the handshake event, everyone’s spirit went high, high~\(‘∨,)/

For energetic us like this,

from ❤ now ❤ on ❤

will be going to eat

“Beef tongue” ❤

Tan tan tan tan!!!!(゜∇゜)


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