Nemousu TV

2009-09-19 08:00:59

Broadcasted every week on Friday night, 23 o’ clock at Family Gekijou, is Nemousu TV.

You see, yesterday was!!!!!

The last episode of season 2,

which splitted into the first part and latter part.

“Let’s climb Fuji Mountain!”, an absurd case like that was broadcasted (□`)

When I saw so much people commented about this in my blog, I decided to write about this.

This project…

was brought up by me (T(●●)T)

During my coming-of-age celebration,

I said, “In my twentieth, I want to climb Mt. Fuji.”

Even though I said that, I never think that I’ll do it for real ∩゜д゜;.)

As one would expect of the combination of katakana “ネ” and “申す”, it’s “ネ申”!!
/*’ネ’ is “ne”; “申す” is “usu”. ネ申 could be read as ‘Kami’ = “god”.*/

This TV show is really determined to do it ┐(‘~`)┌

And so, we’re going to ascend it!!


Starting from the fifth post, sixth, until seventh, everyone were completely fine~



But from around the eight post, the oxygen are fading. It’s a bit tough…

After doing our best until there, we got a break and received meals at ninth post ❤ ❤ ❤



I think the curry I ate that time,

is number one delicious curry I’ve had in my life. ⊃□x`;)

From there, we were able to persist more,

and reached the top of the mountain!!


This achievement feeling, nothing else can top it.

To overcome myself, to encourage myself, I’m going to climb them all.

The instructor said,
“You’re a child sent by Mt. Fuji~”

At the next day, rather than having muscular pain, I was all energetic. I think Mt. Fuji is really my power sponsor (艸∪+。)

Having a wonderful experience like that, even now that day is still the most prideful day in my life. (O∪O`o)♪

/*Now this is what you call “inspirational”… Otsukare-sama, Yuko!*/

  1. March 30, 2011 at 12:13 am

    Nice article man. It’s very interesting!

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