Yukari’s Short Skit

2009-09-18 22:01:20

Isn’t Yukarin’s here today? ^_^

Here, she did something amusing ❤ ❤

Let’s try it out…

Short skit,

rolling on (゜∇゜)

Yukarin’s short skit.


/*The conversation went something like this:
Yukarin: Short skit. *something* caprice. (Sorry, couldn’t hear it well).
Yukarin: Acchan, let’s do a short skit~
Acchan: No way.
Yukarin: Nyannyan, let’s do a short skit~
Haruna: No way.
Yukarin: Hey Myao, let’s do a short skit~
Myao: NO WAAAY!!!
Yukarin: Cha-chan~

We’ll score it…

Haruna, “It’s not funny. So it’s 26 points…. No…. 17 points!!”

Myao, “I think it doesn’t even reach 20(゜∇゜)”

Atsuko, “I don’t know how to score it (∵)”

Yukari, “Oh no~ Everyone’s so strict~
Here’s my wish: 27.5 points.”

Everyone, “……………..”

And the result is,
in deference to Yukari’s plea, we scored it as “27.5 points”…

The feeling’s still left on me…

Please look forward to the next one ❤

Surely, Yukarin will give more funny things to us 😉 *laughs*


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