International Exchange♪

2009-09-17 23:27:02

Because tomorrow there will be an early photoshoot, we’re having a sleepover.

At the lobby hotel, we’re waiting for manager-san to pass the keys.

We’re approached by a foreigner that’s sitting at the other side of the room.

What is it!?

When I’m still thinking about it, I received something like this!!!!

Otto, otto.


it’s not Kojima-san. Please pay attention to what I’m holding. (ン゜∇゜)

The foreigner gave it to members, and then to sylist too. I said,

Thank you((((゜д゜)))!”

And so, with a satisfied smile, that foreigner went back to his (or her) seat.

Just what is this?

When I arrived at my room, I opened the packet to inspect it!!!!


Looks like it could be eaten!

A wonderful texture, a wonderful taste…

A wonderful experience (´∀)ノ。

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