2009年09月06日 12:14

Sorry for yesterday 😦

The thing that made my mood rose up when we rode the bus was…


Because the one who always helped us at “Men*Dol” was there,
our bus driver, Satou-san.

His nickname is Relax.

He also got into “Men*Dol” DVD box,
although not many people know it, he’s very popular.

And then yesterday was truly, truly the last.
Crank up.

Suddenly “Koishite Akuma” has flowed away,
the students’ names was called one by one…

That’s why everyone were crying.

Minegishi, of course cried hard.

In this three and a half month.
Everyone were really has made good friends.

Nnn~~ I’m still sad until now.

Acting was really difficult, I’m still nervous in each round.
But Rei-chan and everyone taught me various of things, I’ve learned from them.

If I get the chance to do an acting again,
I think that I’ll make the best use of this experience!!

For everyone, I couldn’t appeared in shows and concert.
I apologize for any trouble that I’ve caused, now Minegishi has grown a bit.

From now on too, I’m looking forward to your help.

Please watch the last episode.❤


Niigo Erika-chan.


Chiaki and Anzu and Yuuna.


2nd appearance!
Best friend Nishimuraaaaaa~
(A pair of crying criminal :p )

Of course, the best friend of Mi group.

Really, thanks for everything.


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