Atsuko V(^^)

2009-09-06 21:17:20

I had a lesson.

Usually the muscular pain
will be felt on the next day, won’t it?

But today
for a moment, I felt that pain. (laughs)

It’s my first
experience ❤

Lately I think that
in lesson,
it’s a match between me and
my concentration and my willpower ^_^

If there are concentration and willpower,
it’s really smooth~

But at the day when I don’t have them
even though I did it for many times,
it just won’t enter my head.

Well, today
I’m going smoothly in my own special way.

As soon as the lesson ended,
after a while, I had a date with Atsuko.

The opening destination was ❤



We ordered
body soap and body cream.

It’s a big tactic to make the skin glossy (laughs)

And then,
we aim for
the cinema 😀

Movie after a long time~”(ノ>∀<)

What we seen was
of course,
that one that I’ve always wanted to see,
Harry Potter.

I wanna be a magician~( ~っ~)/ *laughs*

Even though at this late,
Harry Potter is

It was a fun date ❤
The-end 😀

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