Half-Finished Yukari-san☆

2009-09-03 21:37:19


Hello there~

10 minutes after the show was finished, Yukari-san did a short skit… *laughs*

Please look at it.


2009/09/03 Video[アメーバビジョン]
/*I don’t really get it myself, but perhaps it’s something like Yukari went rambling that she and Haruna have a same hairstyle, but then get angry that Haruna copycat her, and so on~
I smirked, somehow :p.*/

Half-Finished Yukari-san ^_^

But still, we were laughing out loud. *laughs*

You could say that she really likes surreal things…

By the way, she tried this half-finished skit three times…


The topic is…


Haruna and Yukari-san have identical hair style. Something like that… *laughs*

That’s it, Yukari-san’s short skit corner \(‘∨,)/ ❤

Regularly. 😀

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