2009-08-29 23:51:07

Good evening ☆★♪!!

I’ll be participating in

24 Hours TV★☆

Even though I’ve always been

the one who watched 4 hours TV…


this time,
to be able to participate in a charity,

I’m really


24 Hours TV
will still continues after this ★

Tomorrow too, we,


will make our hearts become one,

combining our power,
with all of our efforts,
will do our best!!!!

I’m looking forward for tomorrowー♪*

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu★☆


↑ Up there is this year’s
24 Hours TV
charity t-shirt ♪

For Erena is
the pink one♪*

There are also
white and yellow variant!!★

For Erena,

the prints was
really cute (*^ω^*)

Luv it ★*

Well then~

Until tomorrow.

24 Hours TV
START★-Take One Step Forward!!


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