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New Tomo Please…

2009-08-24 16:35:11

Good day ❤

At Budoukan live yesterday,
at the last time there was an announcement
about the team shuffle.

Tomo is decided to be in the new team B.

Getting into team B, I still don’t understand my true feeling and still can’t settle down, but

with this team shuffle,

team A, team K, team B.

These three teams were sloppily
interacted with each other, with
environment that’s not different at all. ^_^

Like this, with the new environment,
I want to find more new parts of myself.

And then, for everyone too
I want you to find this new Tomo ❤

Because of the separation of everyone at team K,
as a team of course
it’s very lonesome,

but until now, Tomo in team K
will make use of what have been studied until now in team K
to the new team ❤ That’s what I think.

Whatever happened, I feel that
team K’s bonds will always be tied together… ❤

With this shuffle,
we’re taking one more step to adulthood.
For Tomo to be recognized,

I will do my best~ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Everyone, will you
still be with Tomo (>_<)??

The end (・∀・)

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