Latter Part

2009年08月26日 01時16分06秒



The moment when I opened the door, cracker opened sound was resounding.


Grinning faces from cute members of team K,

kind smiles from staffs who always give their support,

and when I looked at my back, the laughter of Sata-san and Kiyoto-san who just talked with me a moment ago…

“Meetan, happy birthday~!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Finally I understand.

And at the same time, my tears was flowing out.

I was crowned with a tiara, was given a bouquet of flowers, affection, all received at once…


After I blew the cake’s candle:


This is a blessing.

This is not a happiness that you could found anywhere.

To receive affection from people that I love until this extent is a luxury.

Everyone, thank you.

Staffs, thank you very much.

It’s beyond luxury already~…

The message from everyone really makes my chest hot~

“Team K is eternally comrades! Our bonds won’t be cut off even though we die!!! Meetan. Always, always, smile, okay? (^^) Love you.”

From team K.


My tears can’t stop…


Thank you.

Team K.

/*WE ARE THE TEAM K!!! ;__; Darn… I cried reading this entry.*/

  1. FlipOut
    August 26, 2009 at 11:25 am

    Yeah, I cried reading that entry too and her other entries. Ever since that big announcement all the blogs have been really hard to read – well at least with Meetan and Chikarina’s blogs. They’ve been talking about Team K a lot. -__- And have you noticed that Chikarina has been posting a picture with each member of Team K? *sniff* Team K Forever!
    p.s. Thanks for all of the translations . (even though I can read japanese, also hehe)

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