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2009-08-24 23:52:40

/*The title is a play from “otsukare” (thanks for your work) and “renkon” (calling repeatedly).*/

G’ evening ☆★∩¨ω∩


for so much comments,

thank you very much!!

I’m too happy っ・°・(ノД`)・°・


Regarding the team shuffle,

for the sake of new Team K,

and for the new Team K comrades,

am going to do my best.

From now on too,

Please treat me well with your support ☆★

Today is

Team K show. ☆★

Even though it’s been a while
since a show at the theater,

I did
a little bit mistake ><

I’m sorry ><"

I was
impatient that time ><

Tomorrow, at TV Asahi Jamboree,
there will be
a Team K event…

I’ll struggle
so I won’t make a mistake.

For you who will come today,

certainly please check us out ☆★

Well then,

I’ll be going to bed soon. ☆

Even though I want to do normal clothes corner…

I forgot to
take a picture…

This is some other day

normal clothes corner ☆★ *laughs*


This is me a while ago,
still with long hair♪

polkadot top: EmilyTemplecute

★Shortpants: Lee


That’s it ★♪

This is The Pink ∩ω∩ *laughs*

Ah, embarassed (//△//)

Once in a while, style like this

should be OK, isn’t it? Isn’t it??

Bye bye pyo~n ∩・×・∩

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