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★Budoukan Miracle★

2009-08-23 23:39:01

G’ evening ★☆∩¨ω∩

Two days have passed,



Japan Budoukan concert.

Has safely


( ^^)Y☆Y(^^ )

Even though it’s short, it felt so long.

That was the concert this time feels like.


full of laughter,

full of tears,

I think it was a concert like that.


yesterday, today,

in both days,

Fun, emotion,

surprise, shock, etc…

With various emotions,

it was a show that made my goosebumps rose.


perhaps have become
a chicken herself ☆★

…I’m sorry (laughs)
it was too good. ∩ω¨∩

But really,

it was a wonderful two days!!!

This time too,
at Budoukan concert
we welcomed a graduate,

★Naruse Risa-chan.

★Takai Tsukina-chan.

★Saeki Mika-chan.

The three of them

won’t be forgotten in my life.

If I could have an amazing graduation ceremony like that…

Erena will be happy ☆★

Two days at Budoukan concert,

For everyone’s support, really
thank you very much!!

To able to perform at Japan Budoukan is

a thing that I won’t be able to forget.
Such an amazing memory of this year’s summer.


this is still not satisfaction.

Someday, we aim to perform at Tokyo Dome.

From now on too, everyday
we’re going to do our best!!

From now on too,
I’ll be going with full throttle shining power.

By all means,

Please treat me well with your support ☆★

Love you. (。・ω・。)

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