2009年08月24日 20:16

Even though I’ve planned to, I couldn’t write an update yesterday 😦

It’s the long awaited Budoukan concert,

“AKB 104 senbatsu members formation festival.”

It was really fun, really fun, really fun,
too much fun, I was surprised.

Wherever your seat was,
I’m sure that our eyes were met.

Even though the first day was not satisfactory for me,
today, I received caring gaze from everyone.

Everyone, did you met Miichan’s eyes!?

My shuffle units were
“Ame no Doubutsuen” and “End Roll.”

The animal costume was so cute,
I’m happy~


Miichan penguin.

“End Roll” was a serious dance!

I haven’t remembered it until the day before the performance, I watched the DVD at home over and over again!!

Yet I’m happy because the result of my practice could be shown.

Mikachii, Naruru, and Tsukina graduation;
announcement of the new formation; so much peak moments in my life that day.

Even though there are a lot of stuffs to think about,
to be able to put them all together, it was an amazing concert.

Ayu-nee, Hiichan, and Hana-chan also came.


For staffs who roughly can’t sleep because of the preparation,
and for everyone who have supported us with all of your effort until the end,

really, thank you very much.

For today to become a wonderful checkpoint,
from now on too I will do my best more and more.

From now on too, please support me~


/*Ameba blogs will be on its weekly maintenance until a few more hours onwards. 😦 */

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