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2009-08-16 00:28:52

Everyone, I’m back!!!

I’ve returned to Tokyo.

Just 10 minutes after I got in the aeroplane, I was already fast asleep… *laughs*

I’m sleepy, so~


Today’s costume ❤
Grandly opened to public…



Marine style~
Refreshing, isn’t it?

This costume was specially made for today’s concert.

Cute, isn’t it.
Tailored for team A image ❤

So happy~

I want to wear this costume again…(・∪・)

And then,
at today’s live,


“Team A”

colored tape was
coming out at the encore with a

Even though I haven’t write anything about tape until now,

again and again, I’m happy because of this ❤

I brought home a piece… ❤

Rehearsal for Budoukan will start tomorrow!! (゜∇゜)

Excited, excited~ ❤

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