It’s a Celebration~(゜∇゜)

2009-08-09 21:48:45

Today’s celebration topic is…

“Good Work for Yukari’s SDN Shonichi”,

that kind of meeting.

Let me present that precious moment! 😀


Yukarin, good work for the Shonichi.

This surprise is somehow difficult…

When Yukari-san is not here yet, I supposed to brought the cake!!

But surprisingly, Yukari-san came back so quickly and because of that we had the shop officer to slow her down… *laughs*

And then, just in time when the preparation is completed!!

Yukari was brought here~

To suddenly pushing the task to shop officer like that,

Really thanks for the help.

The cake was,

getting a bump when it arrived *sweat* *laughs*


I wonder if it crumbled a bit. *laughs*

But Yukari-san
accepted it with pleasure~

Ah. ^_^


Also confessed something to Yukari-san….

I’ll put the movie about that later!! ^_^

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