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My Favorite Things(゜∇゜)

2009-08-08 23:56:12

To mention about things that I used to cure myself during the time when I went home…



Cellphone. (Blog update)

And then, there’s this thing that tops them all,

Hearing music on the iPod. ^_^

Generally, I

Hear music when playing DS.

Hear music when writing blog.

Hear music when reading Twilight.

I pass my time when going back…
While doing one of these things…

Sometimes I also watched something at DVD player…

There’s a time when I used that method too ^_^

By the way, today

is the “hear music when writing blog” course.

The songs I heard are,


Black Eyed Peas.

They’re (o◇o)ь


Demi Lovato-chan.

I don’t input anything into my iPod, so everyday looks like…
I’m hearing the same things.

Gotta input more songs~

Passing my time like this, it feels like I arrived so fast at my house. (^_^)v

A good management of time, isn’t it (゜∨。)

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