Miichan (゜∨。)

2009-08-08 19:02:33


This is a photo of that fun dancing- “Kamun to NyanNyan” CM…
/*The CM she talked about : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcIU2STOYM8 Acchan’s referring to the end pose, LOL.*/

Miichan likes that chewing gum so much.

From the beginning until the end, she kept dancing to that CM.

Miichan’s so cute~

And then,

Now’s the time for dinner.



Mine is fried chicken.

Mariko choosed hamburger, but

I received half from it.

Lately my stomach’s really craving for more :p

Nn~(゜∨。) I’m full~

After this too we’ll continue the shooting, ganbaruzo~


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