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2009-08-06 16:06:20

Sorry for the late update.

Lately my heart
Is cloudy~ (゜∀゜”ノ)ノ
/*I assume she miswrote the katakana for “Haa-to” as “Paato” パ-っと. I don’t get what “Patto” is. */

Looks like
This is year is going to be a cool summer?

I want summer to come soon~

Today finally
When I saw the calendar,

Summer holiday
Is just a little bit more.
When I reconize this,
I’m surprised (laughs)

To the pool or to the sea,
Or to the fireworks show,

Did you do summer-like

Just enjoy
Your summer holiday~ 😀

Well then,
I’ll be going for G-Rosso~



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