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★Me in Normal Clothes *゜∇゜★

2009-08-03 23:54:44

G’ evening ★☆∩∇∩♪*

Today is

the team K’s show~★

It’s been a while
since I can appear thoroughly
in the songs until the encore call.

I’m reaaa—lly happy.

Today is in the theater,

and tomorrow is G-Rosso (∵)♪★

For having 2 theaters,

amazing, isn’t it ゜>゜∩★♪


Well, well,

After I came out from the bath,

mama bought me

a Ministop HaloHalo
(grape flavour) to eat.
/*Some kind of ice cream. http://www.ministop.co.jp/ministopfan/halohalo/index.html */

What a satisfaction ∩∀∩

That’s why, flowing with it

It’s time to slee—p ゜∇゜*


Last is
The normal clothes corner…

Bye bye pyo—n ♪


This white one piece is

my favorite from the latest things I bought ♪

★ White one piece: MURUA

★ Vest: deicy

★ Sandals: Albarossa

★ Kago bag: rich

  1. August 4, 2009 at 2:37 am

    wow! a halo-halo? ahahaha! i didn’t imagine a philippine dessert will reach Japan.

    i hope you enjoyed our halo-halo PyonPyon! ^_^

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