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Which is Your Preference Show!

2009-07-31 22:53:53

/*This is a word play from the greetings usually used in Erena’s blog, “Konpara” (derived from “Konbanwa”, good evening).*/


I have a holiday from my jobs(*´ω`*)

So I sleep a lot *zzz* (laughs)

Will I become big?

Will my height grow?

Properly sleeping a lot,

Won’t I become taller? (´ω`)ノ


Myao’s height is

160 centimeters \(^O^)/

I want to be taller ゚∀゚)゚∀゚)!!! Ganbare–


A short girl or a tall girl,

Which one do you like?

By the way,

Even though Myao is not someone who fuss over about that height matters,

From those two I wanna be,

Tall(*´ω`*) *laughs*

With that feeling, today is

A laid-back Day!

With that girl who just cut her hair,

Ono Erepyon 003 , Myao 014want to meet her quickly❤

It (the haircut) really suits you!!!


Short haired girl or long haired girl, which one do you like?

By the way,

Myao’s is short cut.


  1. nyan
    August 1, 2009 at 11:03 am

    whooo. myao also got her haircut. cute. XD

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