Nostalgic Photo Studio Part 1!!

2009-07-30 14:20:37

In my cellphone….

Photos that were asleep inside the data holder….

Now I’ll show it to everyone.

To title it,

“Nostalgic Photo Studio”~


Well then, at once…


2 shot of NyanNyan and Acchan and their phantasmal twintail (゜∇゜)

In my 3 and a half year entering AKB48…

It’s not used only for 1 or 2 times, isn’t it.

Around that time, tying up twintails like this was really popular ヾ(゜∨゜)

It’s already about one year?
This photo.


So nostalgic~~!!!

The next one is this!!


Mayuyu and me and rhinoceros beetle… *laughs*

A rare 3-shot, isn’t it? *laughs*

Looks like it was when we dropped by game center and playing around.

By the way, the one who took this photo was Takamina.

This photo’s also token about 1 year ago.

Mayuyu and Acchan and rhinoceros beetle.

How’s it?

These nostalgic photos.

When I see it, I also think that this is so amusingly nostalgic 🙂

Today I’m planning to Up, Up,
Many nostalgic photos, so look forward to it 🙂

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