2009-07-30 16:43:48

Hallo, hallo~★☆∩∵∩


For so much opinions and thoughts,

Thank you very much!!


I’m happy over and over again.


PyonPyon hair is

Erena’s favorite because…

Before this I thought about growing it long…

But, but

To have a feeling of changing attitude,

I boldly cut it…

Yesterday, from members,

“Did you cut it(゜∀゜)♪!?”

They said that…

∩∵∩ Nn~

Please wait for

Tonight’s photo ^_^

The answer for it will be in tonight’s photo… ∩>ω<

Well then!!

Today is!!

Chi’s~ (<- A special nickname that

Only used by Myao

To call Erena) boyfriend★

Miyazaki Miho’s birthday ∩>∀<∩!!



From Erena,
I’ve pasted on a piece of cake ← *laughs*

I’ve properly sent her
A birthday mail.

Soon, the two of us
Has planned to celebrate it together.

There’s a
Surprise plan inside~


Myao is

A really strong kid.

But sometimes

That strength makes me worried.

Because Myao is

Just one girl,

There’s some things

That makes me worried over her.

At those times,

Erena wants to be there to support her

Lately I’ve been thinking about that.

Laughing together,

Fooling around,

Get in quarrel sometimes…

Sometime in the future,

The two of us too will graduate from AKB

When we will flap our wings to face our dreams.

But today

The two of us made a promise

“We will always be together.”

From now on too, for your support,

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.



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