2009-07-29 23:56:44

/*Chokkin is a sound effect for scissors cut.*/

G’ evening☆★∩∀∩

Today is

The Team K show.

It’s been a while so
I’m a little bit afraid
If I made a mistake, but…

I enjoyed doing my best!!

It’s also the show where

Erena’s little sister

Oku Manami-chan appear after about 4 months.

I’m really happy ∩>∀<∩

Welcome home☆★Maachan*♪

And then and then…

Today is

On the other side, Erena’s older sister

Masuda Yuka-chan’s

Birthday celebration ∩>ω<∩!!


Because Erena’s still 15 years old

I can’t participate
In the celebration!!

It really sucks ∩゜Д゜∩!!!


Although the day’s a bit early

Saying “Happy birthday~”

Is OK too *laughs*

From now on too
Please support
/*-nee is a suffix for calling someone’s older sister.*/

And so,

Today’s show was really enjoyable.

Ah, yes, yes…


Everyone, ∩゜ω・∩

What do you think
About the length of my hair?

Now I’m thinking about the cut of my hair.

The model I put on today

Makes it looks short.

I’ll be waiting for


Opinions and thoughts~~

Well then~

Good night.


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