Good Morning☆

2009-07-29 12:34:27

Today, it’s been a while since I last did

A long phone call…

With Tomochin.

Tomochin was
Reaaaaly feeling down, I couldn’t stand to see her troubled figure like that…

I was really worried.

I also talked with Mariko and Takamina…

Both of them were also worried…

Because this is about a company that we’ve been fighting together with for 3 and a half years.

Now if someone is feeling bad, everyone will think together and everyone will help find the solution together, okay?

To put in in words…

That’s why, we also want to become Tomochin’s source of power…

To see Tomochin feeling down,

It’s really painful.

But by phone,

We’ve talked

Because we’ve been always always together since doing AKB48…

The things that made Tomochin troubled

Became a thing that make everyone troubled.

If there’s something that we could do…


Do your best.

…I could only said that… ;_;

And then, everyone
For your comments informing me about what happened in Tomochin’s blog,
Thank you ;_:

Everyone’s so kind, I’m touched ;_:

Tomochin will be OK.

That’s what we think…

Quickly become energetic again, okay~!!!!

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