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Today’s Gourmet Report☆

2009-07-28 20:13:49

Today’s gourmet report.

Lunch we ate today was…





Tasty (/∀\*)

It’s been a while since I ate this.

Long ago, I ate this regularly~

Lately I also haven’t eat monjya.
/*Fried vegetables. http://img.restaurant.yahoo.co.jp/restaurant/C/44/cgs76675183_1_S1.jpg*/
And now I’m able to~(/∀\*)


There’s this pleasant stuff…


As a service from the store,
We received ice cream.

Thank you very much~

And just like the usual Tomo,
A cup of coconut ice cream.

There’s an okonomiyaki shop at UDX,
And so everyone, please go see it.

The end(・∀・)

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