Paris 9

2009年07月23日 22:30

Of Course, It’s Paris ~Day 6~ (First part)

Finally this day has come ;_:

Returning back home.


Even though at first I was anxious

And wanted to return home quickly,

Now it’s a bit sad.

Because we don’t want to go home,
Miichan ❤ Tomo~mi pair were doing something ;P

Ah? Tomo~mi is not there *glance*glance*

Gotta search in this room…


She’s not here…


Wait a minute…

There’s someone’s presence…


Chiyuu ;_;


There she is——-!!
Thank god, thank god.

Ah? Now Miichan is not here *glance*glance*

Gotta search again 😦


Minegishi-san who has a fragile feeling.

Anyway, she’s been found.
It’s just to kill time ♪ *laughs*

At last, the two of us accepted reality.
Coming late, sleeping in late, living other troubles together; and so
We’re exchanging a firm handshake!!


And then, saying goodbye to the room that has taken care of us.


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